Suzanne Marie Sevakis: The Unfortunate Victim Of Floyd The Notorious Serial Killer

Suzanne Marie Sevakis

There are several crime stories out there which are upsetting to hear. Suzanne Marie Sevakis a victim of such a brutal crime faced many tortures. Now she is no more alive but the incidents prior to the death are disturbing. At a young age, she was kidnapped by Floyd America’s notorious criminal.

Further, he raised Suzanne as his own daughter only to take advantage of her. He ruined her life by molesting her from a young age. The horrors in Suzanne Marie’s life did not end there. There are much more details about Floyd and the mysterious death of Suzanne. Take a look at the ugly truth about Suzanne Marie Sevakis life.

Suzanne Marie Sevakis

The early life details of Suzanne 

In the early ’70s, many knew Floyd as an ordinary man. He enters Suzanne’s life when he first dates her mother Sandi Chip man. At that time, Sandi was facing various troubles in her life. This is when she met Floyd and found him supportive. A natural disaster in the city made life worse for Sandi due to which she left her kids at the hand of state police. Floyd pretends to be a caring man to the family. Also, he proposes to Sandi promising that he will take care of her.

Sandi did not know about the evil intentions of this man and married him. One day cops arrest Sandi for writing a fake check. During this time, Floyd executes his plan to kidnap her four kids. Floyd left two kids at an orphanage. He kept Suzanne and Philip to raise them as his kids. To shoo away suspicions he changes the name of Suzanne to Sharon. Let us see what Suzanne Marie Sevakis had to go through when living with Floyd.

The abuses and horrors in the life of Suzanne 

Floyd claiming to be the father of Suzanne did brutal things to her. From a young age, he starts to abuse her. Further, to make money he forced her to be an erotic dancer. All this time Suzanne did not know about her real parents. However, she also joined high school. Apart this, she was an A-grade student at the school. She was living a double life by going to school at the same time dancing at clubs too. Floyd wanted to use Suzanne to make more money. He also forces her to get several implants.

Further, he did not allow her to complete her education. When all of this was happening, Suzanne experiences pregnancy with her boyfriend from high school. The couple thought to elope in 1986. However, Floyd did not leave Suzanne alone he tracked her down. She had no way but to surrender to this toxic man. In 1989, Floyd forces her to marry him. Also, he changes his identity to pretend as Suzanne’s husband not her father. Let us see how these turn of events affect the life of Suzanne Marie.

Suzanne’s marriage, domestic violence and a hopeless life 

After marriage Floyd checks on Suzanne several times a day. He calls her to know if she is making enough money at the club. When not bringing enough money he beat her to death. There were many visible bruises on Suzanne’s body that remind her of Floyd’s abuses. Also, she got many chances to run away from him. However, the fear of Floyd harming her and her two-year-old son stopped her doing that.

On the other hand, Cheryl Ann a stripper gets in contact with him. Floyds dates Ann for a brief time and he starts abuse her. One day Ann jumps out of a boat when Floyd beat her to death. When the stripper reports him to the cops he seeks revenge. Without any delay, he murdered her and also took photos of it. After this incident, Suzanne’s end was not far. Soon, Floyd did the same thing to her too. Let us see the details of Suzanne’s mysterious murder.

The last attempt of Suzanne to run away from Floyds ends in disaster 

In the late 90s, Suzanne musters up the courage to run away from Floyd. Somehow he found out about her plans to run away with her boyfriend and tracked her at a grocery store. There is no record of what happened to Suzanne after this incident.

However, a few days after cops find a woman lying on the street. It was a hit-and-run case where the victim’s skull had severe injuries. During the investigation, they find it is Suzanne Marie the wife of Floyd. When they inform him about her dreadful condition he did not visit her. Soon, Suzanne went into a coma and her last words were daddy. Her unfortunate death seemed mysterious to the cops so they thought to dig deeper.

At last, the ugly truth about Floyd and his crimes towards Suzanne comes to light

After the death of Suzanne, cops could sense Floyd’s connection with her death. However, with no proper evidence, they did not convict him. Some of Suzanne’s relatives did confess details about this toxic man. Nothing was enough to accuse Floyd of the crime. After a few days, he also tried to get life insurance money in Suzanne’s name. To cover up his crimes he conducts a funeral for Suzanne. No one had any clue what this vicious man had put her through.

Even after Suzanne’s death, he did not stop his brutality. In 1994, he killed her only child Michael. Now it was time for the cops to get solid evidence against Floyd. Moreover, Floyd was a psychopath he did not stop with one murder. Later, he murdered many victims on his killing spree. Cops found victims corpse to finally charge him. For all his crimes Floyd is paying price in prison. For Suzanne Marie Sevakis, it was her death that freed her from Floyd’s torture. Today, the entire world knows her story through the Netflix series “The Girl in the picture”.

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