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Who is Adin Ross? Sister Nudes, Net Worth, Age And Life Facts

Adin Ross

Adin David Ross, also known as Adin Live, is a 21-year-old American YouTuber and content producer who specialises in gaming. Adin is well-known for his gaming tutorials for Grand Theft Auto V and NBA 2K. He broadcasts his gaming videos on Twitch and YouTube, two streaming services. The cameo appearances of well-known people in Adin’s streams are another factor in his rise to fame.

Despite having started his YouTube channel in 2014, Adin only entered the realm of gaming video streaming in 2018. He became interested in gaming during his senior year of high school and signed up for Twitch to stream gameplay. He intermittently posted gaming content to Twitch starting in October 2018 and continuing through January 2019. After that, he regularly posted footage, first with gameplays from NBA 2K and later with GTA V as well. Previously, he went by the channel name Adin2Huncho.

Who is Adin Ross

Personal Information of Adin Ross

  • Name: Adin David Ross
  • Profile Name: Adin Live
  • Date of birth (Age): October 11, 2000 (21 years)
  • Date of Joining (YouTube): August 15, 2014 (Adin Live) January 10, 2021 (Adin Ross)
  • Total videos: 1,202 (Adin Live) 11 (Adin Ross)
  • Schedule/Status: Daily/Active
  • Net Worth: Around $2 Million
  • Nationality: American
  • Residence: Los Angeles, California, United States

Social Media Stats of Adin Ross

  • YouTube Adin Ross (Channel 2): 2.65 million, 874K Followers and views 14,836,318 views
  • TikTok: 7 million followers and 74.3 million likes
  • Twitch: 6.1 million followers
  • Instagram: 3 million followers
  • Twitter : 1.3 million Followers

Career of Adin Ross and His Nudes Sister

Adin attended Woodlake Union High School, but he decided to forgo his senior year of high school in order to pursue his passion for streaming on Twitch. Ross joined the NBA 2K community known as “Always Excelling” and started making content on Twitch with his sister Naomi. Because of the group, he had the opportunity to meet Bronny James, LeBron James’ son. After playing NBA 2K with Bronny, Adin also had wager matches with other YouTubers and streamers. He was able to obtain recognition and attention because of this. Adin tweeted about receiving a call from LeBron James while streaming with Bronny in 2020.

Later in 2020, though, Adin expressed dissatisfaction with NBA 2K21 and started the hashtag #make2kfunagain. This hashtag gained popularity and shot to the top of the global trending list.

Adin Ross Age

Adin Ross E-Date with 888Kimmy

While playing, he came up with a brilliant idea for scheduling dates. He started “e-date” streams, where participants compete to find dates on Discord. His Twitch account’s fan base increased dramatically as a result. Adin was the first content producer to join collective Gang 2.0 at the beginning of 2021. Together with Mike Majlak, Sommer Ray, FaZe Bank, and RiceGum, he moved to the Clout House. Adin was amassing an insane fan base on Twitch until, on April 10, 2021, his Twitch channel was disabled due to a dispute with Zias. Adin attempted to get it back, but he was still barred. As a result, his admirers launched the #FreeAdin trending hashtag, which quickly gained popularity.

He was unbanned after two days and began streaming again in June. Together with other YouTubers, Adin posts the same electronic dating and gaming content to his 2.65 million-subscriber YouTube channel.

Adin Ross Sister Nudes

Net Worth of Adin Ross

Adin’s money comes from making videos for streaming websites like YouTube, Twitch contributions, sponsorships, and more. Adin’s estimated net worth as of 2022 is about $2 million. According to Social Blade, his projected monthly income ranges from $3.6K to $58.3K, and his projected yearly income ranges from $43.7K to $699K.

Personal Life of Adin Ross

Adin, who was raised with his sister Naomi, used to stream on Twitch. He was born in Boca Raton, Florida. About his parents’ occupations and other details, not much is known. In an interview, he admitted that when he was 12 years old, a mentally challenged relative stabbed him while he was sleeping. He needed nine stitches for his arm as a result, and his relative received a jail sentence.

Adin was once romantically involved with Stacey, and he is currently seeing PamiBaby. They frequently post images of themselves together on their official accounts, and PamiBaby is a social media influencer.

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Content on YouTube

Adin Live has a total of two YouTube accounts, the first of which has 2.65 million subscribers and is where he posts videos about NBA 2K and GTA. On this channel more than the other, he makes daily postings and is more active. Currently, there are 11 videos on his second channel, while he has 1202 on his first. Adin Ross’ second channel, which features vlogs, has 874K subscribers. Adin’s first NBA 2K video that he posted to his YouTube account was this one. Adin outlines the quickest route to score 99 overall in this video. Over 3 lakh people have viewed this video.

One of Adin’s more contentious videos was this one, in which he set up an e-date with YouTubers IShowSpeed and Eva. Then, though, everything goes awry. Over 3.2 million people have watched this video. On Adin’s channel, this video has received the most views. He does a freestyle live stream with Canadian rapper Tory Lanez in this video. Over 7.9 million people have watched this video.

Interesting Facts about Adin Live

  • Adin lived in Three Rivers, California before relocating to New York City.
  • As a young child, a mentally challenged uncle attacked Adin while he was sleeping.
  • Using his enormous fan base, Adin created numerous Twitter trending hashtags.
  • He appeared in the Black Hearted music video by rapper Polo G.

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