The Best Ways to Start a Motorsport Rider Career

Motorsport Rider Career

Since the popularity of racing in India is growing We have received numerous inquiries on how to get started in the motorsports industry. We thought we’d share with you detailed information to help you start the journey of a motorsports professional in India. Also, this is applicable to you! !

Racing in India is managed by a central authority known as the Federation of Motor Sports Club of India (FMSCI). The actual sporting competitions are generally held by different clubs across the country. These Guidelines, Technical Regulations, and Common Conditions for Organizing Conditions are designed and coordinated in the hands of the Federation.

We in India also have an additional association known as The Motorsports Association of India (MIA) which is an affiliate of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) in India. This is the Association responsible for the promotion of automobile sport in India as per the International Sporting Code of the FIA.

There are many kinds of Motor Sports events conducted by the Clubs in India. These include Circuit Racing, Rally, Motocross and Supercross, SuperMoto, Hill Climb, Dirt Track Racing, Drag Meet, Motor Gymkhana, Autocross, Karting and more.

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What is the best way to do this?:

  1. Locateout the closest club to where you live.
  2. Becoming one of the partof that group (which isn’t required).
  3. Select the typeof the car you’d like to compete in i.e. four or two-wheelers.
  4. Choose the kind of event you’d like to participate in. Members of the club who have experience can assist you through this.

What are the Qualifications and Requirements?:

  1. You’ll need the fundamental requirement of being at least 18 years old and having an legal driving licence for events on the road like rallies, before you can go through the formalities below. For Off Road / Circuit Racing occasions, a license can be granted to a racer who is younger than 18 however, not younger than 15 years on the basis of the recommendation of your Club / Team. For 2 wheelers non-modified classes (Group D) that exceed 135cc mopeds The minimum age for a license is 13 years old. For Karting licenses, the minimum age is eight years.
  2. Additionally, you require also an FMSCI Competition License which will be issued only by the FMSCI. The medical and application forms are available for download.
  3. The set includes an application form to apply for and the Licence andMedical Certificate Forms. It is necessary to complete the application form, and then get the Medical Certificate signed by a licensed medical professional who has his signature and seal.
  4. Complete the forms to the letter and then send them to your club or the FMSCI direct , along with all the necessary enclosures and all the fees required.

The actual time:

  1. The only thing you will need is a vehicle for taking part.
  2. The vehicle must be registered with a valid registration and current Comprehensive Insurance cover.
  3. If you borrowed something from someone else that you know, you must obtain an authorization from the legal proprietor allowing you to use the borrowed item for contest.
  4. If you are participating in any type of event you will require an insurance policy specifically designed to cover the competition. The standard insurance for your vehicle does not cover participating in a contest. It will need to be covered to cover the time of the competition.
  5. Once you’ve decided on the event you would like to take part Write to the Club that organizes the event to obtain the entry forms.
  6. Complete all of the data fully and submit all the information together with the fees to the club in question. Make sure you’ve all the documents required and that the entry is completed at the correct time.

The information provided above illustrates the fundamental requirements of the car and the equipment that must be owned by you in order to participating in Motor Sports. The two Wheelers four wheelers and two wheelers can be categorized in separate ways.

If you think you’re gifted and have the ability to do it, follow the information and begin building an incredible job in motorsports.

For more details visit FMSCI Website, MMSC Website

Volkswagen has launched its Polo as well as Vento Cup within the, umbrella organization of Volkswagen Motorsports India. Toyota has also introduced their Etios Cup in India to develop young talent.

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