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Ball Girl Models: How Miniskirts Changed Baseball Forever

Ball Girl Models

Have you ever been to a baseball game and seen the ball-girl models in their skimpy miniskirts and tight shirts? Their presence has become a permanent fixture at almost all baseball stadiums across the nation.

But have you ever stopped to think about how these scantily-clad women changed the game of baseball forever? It wasn’t just about the miniskirts and tight shirts; it was about how their presence altered the entire fan experience.

These ball girl models blurred the lines between sport and entertainment, introducing an element of sex appeal to a sport that had previously been considered “for men only”. They created an atmosphere where fans could be entertained, while still having an appreciation for the game itself.

In this article, we explore how these ball girl models are changing baseball – and what impact they may be having on other sports too.

Ball Girl Models

The History of Ball Girls and How Miniskirts Emerged

Ball girl models have been a part of the sport of baseball for many years, with the first ball girl being employed in the early 1960s. At this time, the ball girls were dressed in modest outfits, generally a full-length dress or skirt with a blouse and jacket. However, all that changed in the early 1970s when some teams began to adopt a more provocative look for their ball girls.

The new look included tight-fitting miniskirts and knee-high boots that made the ball girls stand out from other female spectators. The miniskirts were seen as both glamorous and fun and soon became a trademark look for many professional baseball teams. This new trend had an immediate impact on not only how fans thought about and interacted with ball girls, but also how female fans felt about being part of the audience at baseball games.

The rise of ball girl models in miniskirts ushered in an era of more daring and fashionable styles in sports fashion—an era which still continues to this day.

History of Ball Girls and How Miniskirts Emerged

Ball Girl Uniforms: From Bloomers to Miniskirts

Baseball has seen a major shift in its ball girl uniforms over the years. Before the mid-1970s, ball girls were typically outfitted in full-length bloomers, often matching their team’s colors. While bouffant-style skirts and dresses were also popular, they were designed to cover every inch of leg not covered by the bloomers themselves.

But everything changed when miniskirts took over the world of fashion in the mid-1970s. It didn’t take long for teams to catch on and start replacing the sedate skirts and dresses with trendy miniskirts—and baseball was no exception. As female fans began crowding stadiums, teams started dressing up their ball girl models to mimic the current style trends of the day.

Today, it wouldn’t be strange to see perfectly outfitted ball girls in team-colored miniskirts, often paired with a fitted crop top and matching accessories. The ensemble is popular with fans from all genders—and it serves as a reminder that baseball will always find ways to stay current with modern trends.

The Role and Responsibilities of Ball Girl Models

The Role and Responsibilities of Ball Girl Models

The role of the ball girl models is multi-faceted, and far more complex than one might think. Not only are they responsible for retrieving foul balls, they must keep an eye out for pitches that have veered off target, as well as retrieving home run balls.

In addition to their ball collecting duties, the models must also make sure their miniskirts remain in place throughout the game – a feat made even more challenging due to often unpredictable weather conditions. The professionals on the job must also maintain control of the dugout and its environment throughout the game. The ball girls are expected to ensure that people are not eating or drinking in unauthorized areas and to monitor fan behavior. They even tackle tasks such as crowd control and flagging people who do not have a ticket or proper credentials for access.

Given their broad responsibilities, it’s no surprise that these professionals are also expected to have excellent customer service skills – they go above and beyond their duties by greeting fans with a polite hello and engaging them in conversation throughout the game. Their efforts undoubtedly leave a positive impression on audiences around the world, making them an integral part of the overall experience.

Famous Ball Girl Models Who Made an Impact

When it comes to famous ball girl models, a few names come to mind. While their miniskirts were undoubtedly eye-catching, each of these women had a lasting impact on the world of baseball.

Tawny Kitaen

The first woman to don the miniskirt as a ball girl model was Tawny Kitaen, who served in that capacity for the California Angels in 1976. She was also an actress, appearing in hit films like Bachelor Party and music videos with bands such as Whitesnake. Kitaen’s infamous miniskirt made her an iconic figure in sports and entertainment alike.

Heather McCartney

Heather McCartney became the second woman to don the miniskirt as a ball girl model during the 1981 season for the San Diego Padres. Her memorable turn made her a household name, and she later went on to appear in movies and television shows.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston was once an after-school ball girl for the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1988. Her foray into baseball would make her one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces today, appearing both in comedies and dramas alike. Just as her career was taking off in television and film, Aniston experienced notoriety on game days as well when she donned her iconic miniskirt to catch foul balls during games.

Controversy and Criticism Surrounding the Miniskirt Uniform

When the Oakland A’s first introduced the revealing miniskirt uniforms for ball girls in 1968, it caused a stir among baseball fans and detractors alike. While some saw the miniskirts as a fashion-forward choice that brought a fresh look to the game, others argued that it was sexist and unnecessary.

The controversy reached its peak when Chicago Cubs owner Bill Veeck threatened to fine any ball girl caught wearing shorts or pants instead of their official outfits. This prompted an outcry from baseball fans, as well as prominent industrialists such as Warren Buffett who argued against this strict policy.

In light of these criticisms, some teams began taking steps to make the uniform more modest and appropriate for their ball girls. In 1969, the A’s made adjustments such as adding knee-length shorts under the costume; other teams soon followed suit by replacing skirts with slacks or shorts entirely.

Though there were still detractors from time to time, most accepted these changes and embraced them as part of the game. Fans applauded this move forward in terms of recognition and respect for female players and staff – a change that lasted for decades and ultimately changed baseball forever.

The Future of Ball Girls in Baseball and Other Sports

With the explosive amount of support the ball girl initiative has received, it’s no wonder that other sports leagues have also begun to embrace the expression of female styles. In fact, some popular sports such as hockey and basketball now allow ball girls and cheerleaders to wear costumes similar to baseball’s miniskirt.

This trend is only gaining in popularity. In 2020, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team pre-game attire included miniskirts for their ball girls, bringing a bit of flair and fun to an otherwise serious game.

From sporting events to corporate functions, wearing a miniskirt is an excellent way for women to show off their style and express themselves without feeling limited by gender roles or societal norms. It’s a powerful statement that can only continue to grow in strength as more ball girl teams adopt the look and show that they won’t be defined by outdated rules.


Ball girl models in miniskirts changed the baseball landscape forever, and the presence of ball girls in the sport has become a symbol of the evolving culture of baseball. From the first appearance of the ball girls in 1971 to the present, the ball girl has become an iconic sight in baseball stadiums across the country.

In the end, ball girl models paved the way for greater inclusion and accessibility of female fans in the sport, and their presence has had a lasting impact on baseball. Not only have ball girls revolutionized the game of baseball, but their unique style has become a part of baseball culture for years to come.

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