Who Is Sava Schultz? Sav 🌟 Biography, Age, Occupation And More

Sava Schultz

Today many people are becoming stars after they showcase their talents in TikTok and other social media platforms. One such example is Sava Schultz who is a popular social media star, adult film actress, influencer and more. She is only twenty years old but she has become famous due to her content. Mature audiences all around the world are her dedicated fans. But many are not aware of her background. Do you want to know where she comes from? You can find all the details about her age, occupation, and why she is all the rage in this article. 

Why Sava Schultz is popular? 

Many men are in love with Sava Schultz because of the pictures, videos and other content she posts on social media. Her TikTok videos are very popular because of her sultry poses and dances. Her real name is Savannah Schultz. She was born and brought up in California which is one of the best places in the world. 

Her followers are proof of her popularity because she has 1.3 million followers on her TikTok and gets many likes for her pictures and posts. On Instagram, she has 900k followers and she engages them with her frequent posts. Her stylish poses and her clothing choices are famous. 

What is the birthdate of Sava Schultz? 

Sava Schultz is twenty years old now. Her birthdate is November 23, 2001, and is an American. She is known on Instagram by her name @sava.Schultz. Her followers are three million in number. 

Where did she study? 

Sava Schultz went to Windsor High School. She did her primary and secondary education in California but she did not continue her studies. This means she did only her basic education and not higher education. After that, she began to post videos on TikTok and made it her full-time career. 

What is her job? 

Sava Schultz is a social media influencer and an adult star. She lip-syncs many songs and gives performances on social media to entertain her fans. Now she is in the full spotlight because of her job. Her followers are gradually increasing. She is also making money by promoting clothes and accessories on her TikTok pages. This allows her to make a lot of money. 

Who is she dating? 

Sava Schultz is in a relationship with TikTok star Timothy Kennedy according to many sources. They both have worked together on many TikTok videos so they are friends. But it seems their friendship has turned to romance. They may be dating secretly without letting their fans know about it. Their work together has always been a hit which shows that they are great together. They have been together many times and the paparazzi have photos as proof. 

Further once Timothy Kennedy has many times tagged Sava Schultz in his Instagram posts. All their video collaborations are amazing. Their fans always wait eagerly for the release of the videos. 

What is Sava Schultz’s net worth? 

Sava Schultz is an aspiring TikTok influencer. She is going to become a great TikTok sensation. It is her main job through which she makes a lot of money. She also earns money through her adult content. That is why her networth is $2-4 million dollars. Also, her major income source is TikTok and other social media pages. She has subscriptions and sponsorships from various sources. Plus she has an account in OnlyFans and gets payments via paid subscriptions. 

End thoughts 

Sava Schultz is a popular TikTok celebrity. Many people love her because of her lip-sync videos. Today many people are becoming famous through social media and Sava is one great example of it. 

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