Diane Haughton – Who Are Aaliyah’s Parents?

Diane Haughton

Are you a crazy fan of Aaliyah Dana Haughton an amazing singer and actress? She is famous for helping to bring into trend the forms such as contemporary R&B, pop and hip hop. You also should know about her mother Diane Haughton who is sixty-seven years old. She gave birth to her daughter in Brooklyn and raised her in Detroit. Her daughter got good recognition her talent when she was ten years old which made her proud. Also, she was the one who enrolled her in voice lessons so her daughter could hone her singing skills. Want to know all about Diane Haughton? Then you are at the right place because we have all the details about Diane Haughton below. 

Who are Aaliyah’s parents? 

Aaliyah Dana Haughton is from Brooklyn, New York and her birthdate is January 16, 1979. She is the youngest child of parents Diane Haughton and Michael “Miguel” Haughton. Her father was a warehouse worker and the family is African American. Her parents named her Aaliyah which is the feminine form of the Arabic term ‘Ali’ meaning most exalted one. 

Further, when Diane Haughton Aaliyah’s mother found out that her daughter had good singing talents she enrolled her in voice lessons. Diane herself was a vocalist and that was why she was eager for her daughter to become successful at singing. She started to sing at weddings, choir group at church and other events. When Aaliyah turned five she went to Detroit with her family and started to attend a Catholic School. 

Aaliyah’s uncle was an entertainment lawyer. His wife was American singer and songwriter Gladys Knight. So she went with her uncle to audition for commercials and television programs. This is the reason why she got to act in some of the programs. 

Diane Haughton the loving mother of Aaliyah

Aaliyah’s family is very important in her life. They helped her to become successful in her career. They are like her backbone. Her father Michael Haughton was her manager until 1995. Then her mother Diane Haughton assisted her in many things in her career while her brother Rashad Haughton worked along with her. Her family members always accompanied her during her singing performances and acting spots. 

A sad event in Aaliyah’s life 

After Aaliyah released ‘Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number’ many gossip columns revealed the secret relationship between Aaliyah and R. Kelly. There was also the news of them secretly marrying behind their parent’s backs. This news shocked lots of people. Aaliyah was only fifteen at that time but the marriage certificate said that she was eighteen. It was a clear case of forgery and deceit. 

  1. Kelly was twenty-seven making him many years her senior and the marriage was illegal. In 1995 Aaliyah’s parents annulled the marriage but the pair said the marriage never happened and everything was just a rumour. It was a very distressing circumstance for Diane Haughton to see her daughter forming a relationship at such a young age. But it seemed Aaliyah was just lying when she said that she and R. Kelly were not married. They were really close and intimate in their relationship according to many people around them. But after lots of struggle the disruptive influence of R. Kelly came to end. 

Diane Houghton loses her daughter 

Diane Houghton experienced a tragic event when she lost her daughter to death. She died in a plane crash along with eight others onboard. Her private funeral was held at a funeral Mass on August 31, 2001. They sang the song One in a Million at the event. 

End thoughts 

Diane Haughton was a great mother to her daughter Aaliyah but due to many sad circumstances, she lost her soon. But still, she is alive in spirit to her family.