Who is Octukuro? Bio, Childhood, Before Fame, Career and Social Media


Octukuro is a cosplayer, artist, and actor from Russia. She was born on October 19, 1993, in the Russian Federation, and she’s now 28 years old. Also, she has around 200 thousand social media followers. She starts her artistic path in 2018. This article will discuss her childhood, interests, work, and net worth.

Octukuro Bio

Octukuro is a Russian-Chinese actor residing in Hong Kong. She was 27 years old (her birth date is October 19, 1993) and also celebrates her birthday on October 19. Her birthplace is the Japanese town of Tokyo. His full name is Guan Liang Wang. Her zodiac sign is Guan Jiang Wang, the Virgo sibling. She is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. He likes singing, drawing, and dancing in addition to performing.

She speaks English and Mandarin to some extent because she was made aware at an international school. She was born in Beijing and spent the most of his youth there before moving to Canada and eventually settling in Korea.

Also, she was familiar with anime and Hong Kong dramas. When it came time for applications for the KBS2 radio acting School 2017, all were happy to discover that they chose a true native speaker instead of a person trying to produce their best accent during trials.

Her true height is roughly 5’9.5″ “. She was keen to become taller as she got older. Emily has grown a lot since then, given that the average height for a 19-year-old person is 5’4” “.

She hopes to be an inch taller that she is today by the age of 21. Some have thought about Octukuro wearing fake shoes in order to make herself bigger so that everyone would like her, but I believe we can all know it won’t happen to Emily.


Upbringing and Family

In terms of his family background, she came from either a middle-class home in which both of the parents decided to divorce from her. Her look suggests that she may be dumb at times or she might have dealt with excessive weight as a youngster.

One explanation is that when she was growing up in primary level, she was insulted for being too little, which might have led in sadness due to having no friends nearby. She is the type of person that never gives up after losing once, and she must have won the contest once, that had to be gaining weight.

Being confident, on the other hand, is tough since others do not respect you if you lose ground; hence, putting yourself out there understanding others may give up on you. Everything is going to be tough, as if you aren’t strong enough, pushing us to the notion that success never comes easily.

She has said that her mother is not upset since they may always try to have kids later in life, yet she also said that stealing such a large sum of money from them is unfair. That just risen their desire never to give up when searching for something meaningful.

Before Fame Octukuro

Octukuro became known as an artist after beginning her acting career. She has been seen in multiple movies, including From Twilight to Dawn (2014), The Last Witch Hunter (2015), & Jack’s Return (2016). (2016). She too has been on television shows such as Red Bloods, Persons of Interest, and Modern Family.

She grew interested in music videos once she began dancing. Her first collaboration was still with Diplo for Dog Town, a 2015 hit with Skrillex. She has now chosen to work on recordings by D.J. Snake and Cashmere Cat, which in turn star M & SOPHIE. Her media career suddenly took apart after Carine Roitfeld showcase her in Vogue Paris.

From May 30, 2017, she did sign with IMG Models, to become the agency’s first open model. They now represent her in beauty competitions, but there are plans to represent her in acting & singing as well.


She’s been Logan Paul, professional surfer Danny Davis, and country music artist Hunter Hayes. She went to Stanford and withdrew since she couldn’t make friends or fit in as a famous child. Yet, despite several claims appearing online to the reverse. No one found any record which shows this.

There is no evidence she ever went UCLA or North Mount Junior High (NMH). She got caught by the police for marijuana possession around Florida around New Year Eve. Some think that it is just a rumour as there was no solid proof to back it up.

Although these were unproven charges at the time, they have things to watch that some of them may result in legal aspects in the future. Nonetheless, she continues to share weird photos on Instagram.

Career and Content Creation

At over 4 million fans on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, she has a sizable social media following. She also has over a thousand posts on every one of her social media sites. These high data shows that she is always in touch with her supporters.

Additionally, Octukuro continuously pushes fan interaction by holding events in which she randomly selects those who like back or receive special attention in her videos.

Her followers feel a connection to her as social media enables them to connect with her on several levels; it’s not simply one method she interacts with her fans. Yet, there is an exchange between the two in order for both parties to learn about one another.

She left her native country of Russia just at age of 17 to study education in Bangkok, Thailand. She made the choice to make the best of her stay there by launching a media career. Within months of moving to Bangkok, she had found success with a variety of businesses (despite her education).

She became aware with fashionable materials ranging from luxury to everyday clothes because she began to surface at a young age. Her love of fashion inspires her customers to be imaginative while dress up for shots. She has become famous in all Asian and Western countries for her unique face shape that captures viewers.

She joins in local model events as a hobby like an Academy High School student. As a result, she became well-known on social media. She quit her education to become an exclusive member for Star Promo as a result of her success (stardust-promotion). It is one of the largest idol management companies in Japan.


Octukuro is one of Russia’s most popular cosplayers, having millions of fans across several platforms. She also shares stuff on Instagram on her day-to-day life as a celebrity. Her net wealth is to be between 2-3 million USD as a result of her connections with big brands and companies. Read this article to learn more about her.

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