Who Is Nila Myers? Know About Her Age, Occupation And Husband

Nila Myers

Nila Myers is a lingerie designer and she is also famous for being the boyfriend of Canadian actor Benjamin Allen Nicolas Hollingsworth. He is popular for his role as Mario Savetti in the TV series Code Black. She is also a woman of many talents as she is a bar method teacher.

 In 2012 many people came to know her after she married Benjamin Hollingsworth. She is a very capable woman who likes to be active in her business. There are also many other interesting facts you have to know about Nila Myers. Find out all the details of Nila Myers like her age, occupation, husband, networth and more here. 

Nila Myers Age

What is the age of Nila Myers? 

Nila Myers is thirty-four years old. Her birthdate is 1st July 1988. Her birthplace is Los Angeles, California, United States. She is from a Christian family. There are no details about her parents but she grew up in a close-knit family. 

Who is her husband? 

Nila Myers is the wife of Benjamin Hollingsworth. He is a Canadian by nationality. The actor is best known for his performance in the CBS television series Code Black. His birthplace is Brockville, Ontario. Also, he went to the National Theatre School of Canada graduating from the school in 2006. He played Mike Ross’s rival in the legal drama Suits. 

Nila Myers Husband

Further, he was also in a brief relationship with his fellow actress Nina Dobrev well known for her performance in the supernatural series The Vampire Diaries. But after dating her he found his true love in Nila Myers. 

What is Nila Myers’s career? 

The main career of Nila Myers is lingerie design. She designs bras and panties that are comfortable to wear. The name of the company is Fair Verona and her sister also helps her run the business. She started the business while she was in Santa Barbara. 

What is her husband’s career? 

Benjamin Hollingsworth is the husband of Nila Myers. He is a popular Canadian actor. He is well known for his portrayal in the CBS television series Code Black. 

The actor is from Brockville, Ontario and studied at from National Theatre School of Canada. He appeared in Suits as Mike Ross’s rival Kyle Durant. 

When did Nila Myers marry? 

Benjamin Hollingsworth and Nila Myers married on November 2012. They dated for two years. He chose his twenty-eighth birthday to propose romantically to Nila Myers at an Italian restaurant called Brix Vancouver. She accepted his proposal happily. Their marriage was fairytale-like. 

They have two sons and a daughter. The first one was born in 2016, the second one in 2018 and a daughter was born in 2020. Now they are enjoying a happy life with their kids. The names of their kids are Gatsby Willem Hollingsworth, Hemingway Nash Hollingsworth and Juniper Bloom Hollingsworth. 

Is she on Instagram? 

Nila Myers has lots of followers on Instagram numbering 6K. She is a popular influencer who motivates people to stay fit and healthy. She is a great fitness freak. Her fans can also see the pictures she posts of her cute babies, her husband and her daily activities. 

What is Nila Myers’s net worth? 

Nila Myers’s net worth ranges from $500K – USD 1M. She is an entrepreneur who designs lingerie and other inner garments. That is why she makes a lot of money throughout her career. Her husband is also a great actor and they both are living a comfortable life with their children. 

End thoughts 

Nila Myers is a great wife, and mother and she is also a great entrepreneur. She has a career of her own which she loves. 

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