Nichole Sakura — Life, Career, Family And Other Details

Nichole Sakura

Nichole Sakura is an American actress. Firstly, she was born on 15th December 1989. This means that currently she is 33 years old. Secondly, she has done the popular thriller film Teenage cocktail. Thirdly, her full name is Nichole Sakura O’Connor. Besides, professionally, people call her Nichole Bloom. Did you know that Nichola is also a popular model?

In this article, we will discuss the personal details, life, career, and net worth of Nichole Sakura. If you are interested in knowing about her, keep reading this article. 

Nichole Sakura life and family

We have told you about Nichole’s birthday. Every year she celebrates the day with her close relatives and friends. Furthermore, her place of birth is Santa Clara county, California. In addition, the parents of Nichole Sakura are Kevin Kelly O’Connor and Kinuko Mizuno. Besides, her brother’s name is Michael O Connor. 

We hear that Nichole had a good childhood. However, we do not know much because they haven’t shared any information about their family. 

Her education

Coming to her education qualifications next. Firstly, Nichole Sakura has done her studies at Santa Susana High School. Secondly, she did her graduation from The University Of Southern California. Besides, she has a degree in theatre. Here we see that Nichole was very interested in acting from an early age. She followed her passion sincerely. And look where she is now. 

Nichole Sakura ethnicity and nationality

Firstly, Nichole Sakura is a citizen of America. Secondly, she has mixed ethnicity. It’s both Irish and Japanese. Besides, her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Therefore, we understand that Nichole grew up in the rich Japanese as well as Irish culture. Lucky girl.

About her career

Nichole Sakura started her acting career in 2010. Firstly, we know that her first short film was every day. It has other famous stars like Helen Hunt, Liev Schreiber and Carla Gugino. Secondly, she did many short as well as big films. Another of her famous short films is Carpool caste. She was playing the role of Rachael there. 

Project X, another of her major hits, came out in 2012. Furthermore, she was JB’s girlfriend there. In the same year, she got another big film Model Minority, Kayla Tanaka. She made a name in a few years in the industry. Her sheer dedication and hard work is the sole reason why she is a popular face today.

Next came along the hit NBC sitcom Superstore. In the movie, she was playing the role of Cheyenne. Besides, other actors in the series were America Ferrera, Laurel Ash and Ben Feldman.  

In the sitcom, Nichole was a 17-year-old girl who was a pregnant employee. 

More about her career

Apart from all this Nichole Sakura was a voice actor in the 2020 Big Hero 6: The series. Some other films by her are Teen Wolf, Full Circle By Justin Chon, Shameless and Lazer Team 2. 

Nichole has also done many commercial ads and worked with American Apparel. 

Any Rumours about Nichole Sakura?

No. We do not hear any rumours or scandals about Nichole Sakura. Firstly, this is because she is a private person. Secondly, she keeps away from any politics that comes along with the profession. She is a focused person and lives life on her terms. 

Nichole Sakura Net worth

Since she is a private person, Nichole has not spoken about her net worth. However, we have found out that she earns a handsome amount from her films and modelling career. From popular sources, we have got the information that her net worth is around $1 – $5 million. 

Physical appearance and social media appearance

Firstly, Nichole Sakura is 5 feet 7 inches tall. Secondly, her weight is around 70kg. Thirdly, she has brown hair and brown eyes.

Besides, she is very active on Instagram and Twitter. She has a lot of followers there. Here’s some cute information. The name of her pet dog is Pikachu. 


Nichole Sakura is working very hard to make her name. We hope that she does good in her life.


Is Nichole Sakura a Filipino girl?

No. Nichole Sakura is an Irish and Japanese girl. 

Can Nichole Bloom speak Japanese?

Yes. In fact, she has said that she loves to speak Japanese.

Where did Nichole Sakura live?

Nichole lived in Santa Clara County, California.

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