How Did Molu Zarpeleh Die In A Pond In Brookings?

Molu Zarpeleh

Molu Zarpeleh was a 10-year-old small boy who died in a pool in Brookings. The group of elder kids drowned him in the pool. The police recovered his body from that privately-owned retention pond. But the police didn’t file any charges against such older kids. Social media users and loved ones are pointing out the police as they are trying to change this murder into an accident.

Who Is Molu Zarpeleh? 

Molu Zarpeleh was from Brookings, South Dakota. He was a bright and talented child and he has immigrated to the US at a younger age. Molu was lived with his mother Philimenia and his sister.

What Happened To Him?

On July 2, the older kids allegedly drowned Molu in the pond. These kids even admitted the truth that they pushed Molu into the pond. But the police statement is that the kids denied this statement later. After making this statement, the police didn’t take any action against these kids. Thus, the investigation is still going on. 

Molu’s family had a plan to reunite with his father after a long time on July 4. But unfortunately, he was drowned by the elder kids in a pond on July 2, 2020. 

Without any reason, the older kids did this murder. They thought to lure him but ended up killing him in a pond. The older kids admitted the truth to their parents which were dismissed.

The police got the missing report of Molu around 10 PM on Thursday. This is based on the statement from the Brookings Fire Department Chief Darrell Hartmann. 

Then, the police started searching for him and they found his bicycle and sandals near a pond. It was a privately-owned retention pond located at 12th South Street. This is just after 90 minutes that he went missing. Then, the police recovered Molu’s body around 8.40 AM.

According to a petition from Molu’s side, it says that the Brookings police department is trying to change this murder case as an accident. The loss of Molu shattered his mother and they couldn’t live without her son. 

Why Is #justiceformolu Trending On Twitter?

The new hashtag #justiceformolu is trending on Twitter. Many people are talking about the death of this poor boy on social media sites. They are even sharing their views about this death. People are signing the petition #justiceformolu. If you want to sign the same, you can visit the internet.


Exact information about the kids pushing Molu into the pond is available on the surveillance video. But the police are trying to hide this and wanted to make it an accident. Thus, the investigations are still going on and people are fighting for Molu’s justice.

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