Who is Lindsey VanDeweghe? – Vincent Jackson wife (Spouse)

Lindsey VanDeweghe

Surely, you must have heard about Vincent Jackson. After all, he was a famous former player in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for being a three-time pro bowler. Recently, he was found dead on 15th February in his hotel room. And, that’s when his wife Lindsey VanDeweghe came into the spotlight. Get to know everything there is about Vincent Jackson wife.

Relationship of Vincent Jackson and Lindsey VanDeweghe

Lindsey’s native is Colorado. Vincent proposed to her in the year 2011, when he got into the UNC athletic hall of fame. In fact, he got on the stage to confess and propose to Lindsey. After that, the duo tied the knot officially on 16 July of that year. According to some reports, the duo started their life in a mansion worth 3.5 million dollars in Country Club and Palma Ceia Golf.

Of course, their 10 years long married life had their ups and downs. But, the greatest pain came to Lindsey when her husband was found dead in a hotel room.

Did the duo have any children?

Yes, Vincent and Lindsey were blessed with 3 beautiful children. Their names are Carter, Amaya, and Dominick. Well, not much is available about their children other than their names. After all, Vincent has been keeping his personal life private from the eyes of the public. Of course, he does post about his kids on his Instagram account occasionally. For example, on 21st June 2020, he uploaded a picture of him and his little one for Father’s day.

How did Vincent Jackson die?

Sadly, the duo’s fairytale love story didn’t last a long time. That’s right, their 10-year marriage came to an end with Vincent’s death. On 15th February 2021, he was found dead in a hotel suite present in Palm River Road, Brandon. Furthermore, the hotel staff told to the officers that he came to the room on 11th January and remained there till his death. On the other hand, the officers investigating the case told that there were no signs of trauma.

The career of Vincent Jackson

When he was in college, he played for the football team, the Northern Colorado Bears. Yes, this was at the University of Northern Colorado. Next, he was in San Diego Chargers from the year 2005 to 2011. Then, he played for the Bucs from 2012 to 2016. The 38 years old even rewrote many record books by an all-time leader in Northern Colorado.

Fast facts about Lindsey VanDeweghe

  1. Lindsey is popularly known for being Vincent Jackson’s wife.
  2. Vincent proposed and married Lindsey in the same year 2011.
  3. The duo has 3 kids with the names Carter, Dominick, and Amaya.
  4. She was born in the year 1989. So, she is 32 years old now. On the other hand, nothing is available about her date of birth.
  5. You can only see her present in her husband’s social media posts. Yes, she does not use social media accounts.
  6. Similarly, nothing is available about her net worth. Still, her husband left behind his net worth of 50 million dollars.
  7. Certainly, her approximate height will be around 5 feet and 7 inches.
  8. Also, her nationality is American because she is born and raised in the USA.

Well, that’s all there is about Lindsey VanDeweghe. Stay tuned for future updates!

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