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Kayla Compton Relationships

Kayla Compton born at the end of Feb. 3rd, 1990 is a well-known author from America. In addition she is an Instagram star and actress. She is in Salinas, California. But the peak of her fame came her way after her appearance on the cult TV show The Flash. In this cult show she played the characters as Allegra Garcia, and Maya. It was in 2019 when she first appeared. Since then, she’s appeared for 30 times. In fact her first appearance was in the episode titled A Flash of Lightning. In contrast we last saw her in the episode called Heart of the Matter Part 2.

The fans have an unusual curiosity about how their favorite stars. Kayla is no one of them particularly after her appearance as a character in The Flash series. If you’re looking to know more about this gorgeous actress This article is the right one for you. Continue reading to learn more about Kayla Compton.

Kayla Compton

Kayla Compton – Bio:Wiki

Real Name Kayla Compton
Nickname Not yet known
Famous for Writer from America
Date of Birth 3rd of February 1990
Age 32 Years Old (As Of 2022)
Profession Actress, Writer
Birthplace Salinas, California, USA
Current Residence California, USA
School Local Private School
Nationality American
Net Worth 1 million (approximately)
Marital Status Married
Boyfriend/Husband Josiah Ruis
Religion Christianity
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Ethnicity White
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

We know the fact that Kayla Compton breathed her first breath on the 3rd February, 1990. She was born to parents from Salinas, California, United States. Thus, her date of birth indicates that she’s older. Actually, she spent the entirety of her youth and teens in her home town. Also I will tell your that the zodiac of her sign is Aquarius. This is an Air sign with the same qualities that are fixed. Numerous websites have stated that the most popular colors of people who are part of the zodiac sign are silver and light blue. Furthermore, the qualities of these people are trust and originality, as well as helpfulness and more.

Kayla Compton

Regarding her education history is concerned I’ll say that Kayla was a student at a local high college in the town she grew up. Following her graduation from high school she was accepted into the University of Central Florida. In reality, her identity is Kayla Cherie Compton.


Kayla Compton

Kayla Family

Concerning the details of her family is related, we have nothing to share with us. The only thing we know is we know that Kayla Compton has posted a picture of mom on her Facebook handle. I’ll inform you that she uploaded the picture at the beginning of 2020, to wish her mom her Happy Birthday. However we do not have any information on his father is provided to us.

We are aware that he has an older brother. But, just like the parents of his, his identity is unrecorded at present. In reality she was born with her brother. Numerous sources suggest that she’s very near to the members of her extended family. Other than these pieces of information, there is not much about Kayla’s relatives members. There is a chance that, over time, more details will be released regarding this matter. So, keep an eye out for future information.

Her Career

In the year 2011, Kayla Compton was offered the chance of being a part of a TV series called Entourage. In the series she only appeared in one episode called Home Sweet Home. The name she played was Monica and she was in an uncredited role. She also played an uncredited role in a TV show called Perception. In the show she played the character that was the Indie Girl in an episode known as Kilimanjaro. The episode aired in 2012.

Her debut film came out in 2013 with the movie King’s faith. The film was a dramatic one and she played the role in the role of Natalie Jenkins. In actuality, it was the most prominent role of the movie. The actress also gained the benefit of working with stars such as James McDaniel, Lynn Whitfield, Crawford Wilson and many others. Nicholas DiBella was the director of the film.

Following this her acting career exploded immediately. In 2014, she appeared on the TV show titled Salesgirl in an episode titled Rebuild. Following the show she was cast in the episode titled Legacy of Vanity. The episode premiered in the year the year 2015. The that same year Kayla appeared in the role as Gretchen as Gretchen in Chase Champion. In the series she appeared in five episodes titled Power Punch, Gauntlet, Power Suit, Bonus Round and Teleport.

In 2016 we watched her role in the show Bro-Dum as Naomi. She also appeared in the TV show titled Making Movies. Some of her more recent projects include The Stanford Letter, Attack of the Killer Donuts, The Z Girl Next Door, Rubies and Diamonds, Emily X, Highway to Havasu and S Is for Revenge. Her role as the Flash The Flash earned her worldwide recognition.

Kayla Compton Relationships


It is probably the most interesting element in the life of any star. We as fans are always intrigued by the romantic lives of our favorite stars. Kayla Compton is a well-known celebrity and isn’t an the only one to follow this general trend. In this context I’ll let you know that she’s happily with Josiah Ruis. They have been married for a total of four years. Through her Instagram account, she shares many photos of her husband.

Interesting Facts About Kayla Compton

  • Kayla Compton was featured on three occasions in the show Bro-Dum. The titles of the episodes include Bro-Ception, The Hang-Brover and The Pillars of Skank.
  • She also appeared in the shows Part-Timers and Who’s the Father.
  • Kayla is a fan of the activist and politician Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.
  • She went on to claim the title of Miss Congeniality.
  • In reality, she is passionate about a variety of activities including running, dancing as well as trekking.
  • She has a huge following on Instagram. IG profile has reached the 149k mark of subscribers.
  • The number of subscribers she has amassed is 1.17k subscribers.


  • Who is Kayla Compton?

Kayla Comptonis an acclaimed author from America. In addition she is an actor and Instagram celebrity.

  • How old is Kayla?

In 2022 she’s 32 years young.

  • Is her name the same as that of her husband?

Her husband’s name is Josiah Ruis.

  • What is the net the value Kayla?

A rough estimate of the net worth provides us around one million dollars.

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