Interesting Glimpse into the life of Brandi Glanville’s son Jake Austin Cibrian

Jake Austin Cibrian

We all have seen Brandi Glanville in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is a popular television personality and has been a household name for many years. Do you know that she has a teenage son Jake Austin Cibrian? Her husband’s name is Eddie Cibrian and he is an actor. So Jake Austin Cibrian is from a celebrity family and from young age grew up amidst the popularity surrounding his family. Want to know what he is doing currently? Continue reading this article to get interesting information about his life. 

What is Jake Austin Cibrian’s age? 

The age of Jake Austin Cibrian is fifteen years and he was born in 2007. He is born in California and comes from a very rich family. 

Who are his family? 

Jake Austin Cibrian is the son of the actor Edward Carl Cibrian. He is forty-nine years old now. He is known for his roles like Cole Deschanel and Jimmy Doherty on Sunset Beach and Third Watch. One of his popular series is The Young and the Restless. He is from Burbank, California. 

Jake Austin Cibrian

Further, he got married to Brandi Glanville who is a former model and currently a reality television star. She is fifty years old now. She has appeared in popular television series like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hill. Plus she also came in other television shows like Celebrity Apprentice, My Kitchen Rules and more. She also has written two best sellers’ books such as Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders and Drinking and Dating. Further, Glanville is from Salinas, California. 

She started to work as a model when she was sixteen and appeared in commercials. Then she got an opportunity to appear in the TV show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Also, she took part in many runaways shows too. Plus she is popular on social media too as she endorses many beauty and wellness products and brands. Many people follow her and she is at the peak of her popularity. 

Jake Austin Cibrian is also an elder brother of Mason Cibrian and he is nineteen years old. He and his brother and very close and they became a source of support to each other after their parents’ divorce. 

Is he dating anyone? 

Jake Austin Cibrian is a popular kid because his parents are celebrities. But he does not like his private life to become public. That is why his parents are keeping him out of the spotlight. There is nothing on the internet about his dating life. But he is living with his father and also is close to his mother. Both of his parents are with different people currently but he understands it and accepts his parent’s decisions. 

Why did his parents separate? 

In 2001 Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville got married. Then after that, they had their sons Mason and Jake. But their marriage ended after that because of Cibrian’s affair with country music singer LeAnn Rimes. The affair began when they acted in the film Northern Lights. They finalized their divorce in 2010. 

What is Jake Austin Cibrian’s networth? 

As Jake Austin Cibrian is from a rich family he lives a comfortable life. Both of his parents are professionals and earn good money in their careers. His mother’s networth is $5 million and his father’s networth is $12 Million. 

Further Eddie Cibrian lives in a $3 Million House in Hidden Hills, California. His wife LeAnn Rimes also lives with him in this lavish six-bedroom house. It has plenty of room for their kids to play around and have fun. 

End thoughts 

Jake Austin Cibrian is an amazing child. He is a child of popular parents but he always looks simple and sweet.