Who is Goth Egg? Career, Relationships, Early Life, Education and Net Worth

Goth Egg

Goth Egg also called as TikTok Star, has grown in popularity among children and teenagers around the world in recent years. She became well-known quickly, with over 15 million followers on his TikTok profile, and is beloved by millions across the world. If you are curious and want to know who she is then read this article.

Goth Egg Wiki

Goth egg is a TikTok celebrity that has gained huge fame in a short period of time. She became popular after he shared a TikTok video called How to Say I Love You. The video received a large number of views and likes. People also like his other videos, such as How to Stop Being Afraid of Certain Things, and so on.

She was born on January 3, 1974, thus she is 44 years old now, which means she became pregnant with all 3 of her children when she was 20 years old, and they were born when she was 21 or 22 years old, respectively (although they were not all born at once). 

So she is older than his two brothers, but we don’t know how much older he is because his family members haven’t given that information to the public yet.

Neither he nor anyone else ever disclosed Goth egg’s real name. On all social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram, she goes by the nickname Goth Egg. He confirmed his American citizenship in a fan interview, but he didn’t specify which state he was residing in. 

She hid all information regarding his parents, siblings, and other family members. Instead, he revealed some of the pictures from his early years, where she and three other guys all had the same hairstyle.

The other boys also have a similar appearance to one another, thus they could be siblings or Goth cousins, or they could be buddies who grew up together but later separated to live in different locations. She added that because she was well-liked at school back then, she had a good experience there.

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More about Her Life Facts

Gothic Algae and Gothic Snowflake are two of her many nicknames. Also, she now attends college, but he previously attended school from seventh to twelfth grade. She did not attend college right after graduating from high school, as most individuals do; instead, he chose to postpone his decision until later in life.

Her Instagram bio states that she lives in California. She does not reveal her specific location, however she usually tweets photographs of California. A quick Instagram search reveals that she frequently visits Los Angeles and San Francisco.

She also appears to live near Hollywood, as her images appear to have been taken there several times. Furthermore, it appears that Goth enjoys travelling and has visited numerous countries, including France and China. After completing high school, Goth went full video production mode, developing his brand outside of TikTok and gaining more followers along the way.

Family and Relationships

Nobody knows who her biological parents are. Her foster carers, Mr. and Mrs. Williams, adopted her two foster sisters (TikTok stars Hennessy and Sofia) at an early age. Goth’s foster father died five years ago, but her mom still lives with her in Los Angeles. 

Here she relocated after becoming pregnant at the age of seventeen. Goth rarely discusses her past on social media or YouTube, implying that her childhood was possibly harsh. It’s unclear how long Goth has lived in LA and where she lived before then. 

She does mention visiting New York on several occasions, hinting that either LA is where she grew up or where both of her parents lived before they died. In any case, Goth appears to have settled down and is now permanently residing in Los Angeles.

She prefers to keep her personal life secret. Although we don’t know who she’s dating right now, she hinted at having a boyfriend on Instagram in response to unfavourable remarks. We don’t even know his name or job. It   could be the reason he hasn’t appeared in any of her Vines or TikTok videos.

Education and Ethnicity

She is working on her degree and presently enrolled at New York University and has not yet announced her degree. She also has no aspirations to make a living in the film or fashion industries. The TikTok celebrity began uploading cosmetics tips to YouTube in 2015, using only an iPhone 5S and a selfie stick as her first tools for channel creation. 

During the Vietnam War, her paternal grandfather served as an American soldier. Her grandmother was an Indonesian Thai national who went to Udon Thani with her household before World War II erupted in that country. Goth Egg has dual citizenship because both of her parents are nationals of other countries.

She has also stated that she is considering learning Vietnamese in order to better converse with other Vex members in their home language when they travel abroad for foreign concerts or promotions. She might or might not have studied it. 

Her cultural upbringing enables her to speak English, Thai, and Mandarin Chinese fluently. She definitely understands Korean because she probably heard it spoken from time to time growing up, but she can’t claim proficiency in any of these languages without further practise speaking them.

Net Worth

She makes money as an internet celebrity with over 11 million TikTok followers. She makes money in a variety of ways, including sponsors, brand deals, and commercials for clothing and snacks.

It’s difficult to say how much she makes per month because she doesn’t reveal how often ads she runs per day; even so, if you assume that a typical advertisement costs an ad agency around $5 per thousand impressions, then Gothic Eggs’ ads appear to be doing well because they receive millions of views every day.


Goth egg is a TikTok celebrity who has rapidly gained huge fame. With more than 15 million followers on his TikTok profile, she quickly rose to fame and is adored by millions across the world. There are a few things about her, though, that you might not be aware of. Here is your one-stop source for all the information you require on her.

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