Amra Nor Jenkins – Get to Know 3rd Child of Jeezy (Jay Wayne Jenkins)

Amra Nor Jenkins

Surely, you must have heard about Jeezy. Well, due to his long career as a rapper, he has become famous all over the world. On the other, when he doesn’t have any music to make, he just becomes a lovely dad to his kids. And, one of his kids, is Amra Nor Jenkins. Yes, she is the 3rd child born to Jeezy from his previous relationship with Mahi. Keep reading to know all there is about Amra.

Who is Jeezy?

The real name of Jeezy is Jay Wayne Jenkins. He was born on 28th September 1977. Furthermore, he is an American actor, songwriter, singer, and rapper. From 2004, he has been working with Def Jam Recordings and released his first debut album. And, that’s how he got famous. In fact, his current net worth is over 10 million dollars.

Well, he is also the father of 3 children and one baby that is expected to come soon. Among them, his 3rd child is his daughter Amra.

A Quick Wikis/ Bio Review

Full Name Jay Wayne Jenkins
Real Name
Nick Name Jeezy
American rapper
Birth Year September 28, 1977
How old is? 45 years (as of 2022)
How tall is? 5′ 9″ (in feet inches- 5′ 9″)
Gender Male
Birthplace (Native) Columbia, SC
Zodiac Sign Libra
Net Worth $22 million
Spouse Jeannie Mai Jenkins (m. 2021)
Children Jadarius Jenkins, Monaco Jenkins, Shyheim Jenkins, Amra Nor Jenkins


Who is Amra Nor Jenkins?

Currently, you can say that Amra is the youngest child of Jeezy who is 7 years old. She came to this world in the month of February 2014. Also, her mother is a famous musician, called Mahi. In 2016 December, Jeezy and Mahi got engaged. But, it didn’t last long because they were on bad terms. So, it got over with their split in 2019. And, over the battle of custody over Amra, things got over after some struggle. In short, Jeezy has to pay for child support about 7,500 dollars per month. Also, he will pay school tuition of 30K dollars.

Personal details of Amra

The truth is, not much is available about this little child online. Yes, her mother is taking extra steps to avoid the paparazzi’s interference with her child. In other words, Amra has a protective mother which doesn’t let others peek into their private life.

Siblings of Amra

That’s right, Amra is not the only child of Jeezy. In fact, she has 2 older brothers who have different mothers. First, she has a big brother Jadarius Jenkins. Next, the second son of Jeezy is Shyheim Jenkins. Yes, both of his sons were born from the relationship between Jeezy and Tenesha Dykes.

On the other hand, a fourth member is on its way to this world. On 20 September this year, Jeezy and his wife, Jeannie Mai, announced that they are expecting a child. So, it’s safe to say that Amra is going to be a big sister.

Does Jeezy pay for his daughter’s child support?

In 2020, both Jeezy and Mahi went to court again over the child support issue. Well, Mahi accused the child’s father of not paying as per the custody agreement. On the other hand, Jeezy denied all such claims. In fact, he told that this was a lie that Mahi made up due to her bitterness about Jeezy’s current relationship. The final verdict of this case is available either.

Of course, Jeezy is a good dad. At one time, he called her a blessing. Surely, he would not have thought about leaving his child without any support.

Well, that’s all there is about Amra Nor Jenkins. Since this little angel doesn’t get much attention, not much is available. So, stay tuned for future updates!

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