Awesome Spanish Dessert Las Tortas Locas That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Las Tortas Locas

Spanish pastries are popular all over the world because of their distinguished taste. Some of the recipes are passed on to families as a tradition. Now you will know about an exceptionable Spanish dessert from Malaga province, called las tortas locas. It is a puff pastry with creamy and sweet custard, shining egg yolk glaze and eye-catching frosting. The dessert looks very appetizing to look at because of these features. 

Further, las tortas locas are always served fresh. Its texture and taste are always consistent. Its name came from the 1954 song by Luisa Linares and Los Galindos. Are you interested to know how las tortas locas are made? Then have a look at the recipe. 

How was las tortas locas invented? 

Do you want to know the interesting story of who made the tortas locas? A simple yet great idea led to the birth of this amazing dessert. It seems a master confectioner belonging to the Tejeros family in Malaga had an idea of filling two rounds of puff pastry with custard. Then he topped it with orange frosting and cherry. He wished to offer a more sophisticated and delicious dessert to his customers belonging to the humbler classes. It was a time when the rich only afforded and ate desserts. So his small idea led to the invention of las tortas locas. Now it is a world-famous Spanish dessert and has become an emblem of Malaga. 

The las tortas recipe is simple, yet it is a meticulous process. You can also do it in your home by following the recipe. 

How to make las tortas locas? 

Las tortas locas take upto ten minutes to prepare. You need two sheets of puff pastry, half-liter milk, three yolks, cornflower, lemon peel, vanilla extract, cinnamon stick, sugar, water, and candied red cherries. Follow the step-by-step method to make it. 

  • First, you must place the puff pastry on the baking sheet. Then cut it into circular shapes with a circular mold. Cover it with another baking sheet and press it with a tray. It prevents it from rising excessively during the baking process. 
  • Put this tray in the 200 ºC preheated oven. Let it bake for over fifteen minutes. 
  • To prepare the custard, you have to heat the milk. Add lemon peel and cinnamon to it and let it boil. After that, cool it. 
  • Now add yolks and sugar to a mixing bowl and mix it properly. Pour corn flour into the milk and add these to the egg yolks and sugar mixture. Add vanilla essence to it. Heat this over low heat and stir it until it gets thick. Finally, put it in a pastry bag. 
  • For the icing, make a syrup of water and sugar. Add yolks, sugar and corn flour to a bowl and mix it. Heat this mixture and pour the syrup until it becomes thick. 
  • Now it is time to arrange the pastry. Cover one puff pastry with cream and conceal it with another pastry piece. Glaze the yolk on the top of the pastry and top it with red cherries. The las tortas locas is ready. 

End thoughts 

Las tortas locas is an exceptionable dessert. It is available in many restaurants so you can order it. Or if you prefer, you can also have fun making it at home. This pastry will become your favorite new dish. So enjoy eating it.