Who Is Ashley Tervort? How She Became A Popular OnlyFans Model?

Ashley Tervort

Nowadays, young teens are using the internet to influence others. Social media sites are trending now and young teens are using such sites to set new trends. Ashley Tervort is one such girl who became a popular model by using social media platforms.

In this article, we will discuss Ashley’s personal life, career, and net worth. Additionally, we will see her personal life and other facts.

Who Is Ashley Tervort?

Ashley Tervort is an Instagram and YouTube personality, as she creates content for such social media sites. She is also popular for posting interesting videos on such platforms. Her social media photos are clear enough to portray her super bold character.

The young beautiful girl was born on August 10, 1999. At present, she is just 22 years old. Recently, she celebrated her birthday too. Her sun sign is Leo.

Ashley Tervort Onlyfans

As of now, Ashley is staying in Los Angeles with her family members. There is no information regarding her parents and their profession. But she has two elder brothers and one sister. So, she is the youngest girl in the family. She belongs to the white Caucasian ethnicity.


She completed her studies at South Sevier High School in Utah. In her childhood days, she attended a catholic pre-school. In 2017, she went to Spain to join the Luis Vives Institute. She joined here to learn Spanish. 

Ashley wanted to pursue her degree in medicine and hence, she studied Neurosurgery. After completing this education, she became a licensed neurosurgeon.

Personal Life:

Ashley is not revealing any of her personal information to the public. She maintains a high level of privacy and also she removed all of her YouTube videos. This shows that she is facing some problems with the netizens.

But she shared her health issues with the public once. According to that, Ashley was suffering from an eating disorder. She also suffered from anorexia, orthorexia, and bulimia at the age of 13 or14. But now, she is not having any of these health disorders.

Additionally, she lost a few members of her family. According to her note, Ashley lost her mother, as she committed suicide. Her mother was suffering from health issues for a longer time. As she couldn’t tolerate the pain of illness, she committed suicide. Again she lost one more member when she was 16 years old. It was her brother, and he also committed suicide. But the reason for his death is unknown.

How Did Ashley Become Popular?

Ashley became popular for posting photos on social media sites. She even maintains beauty and fashion vlog for which she has many followers. The young girl created an account on ‘OnlyFans’ where she posts sexy photographs. But she faced some problems from netizens asking her full naked images. Thus, she posts back to his questions in a good way.

Ashley is a fitness enthusiast and she maintains a perfect body figure. She accepted that she has undergone a breast augmentation. She did this only artificial change to get a sexy look.

Ashley Tervort Net Worth:

Ashley owns a net worth of around $1.5 million. She earned this fortune through social media platforms.


To sum it up, Ashley is a beautiful girl and she is on the exclusive list of celebrities in America. 

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