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Who Is Jamal Murray’s Girlfriend? Why Is She Trending On Social Media?

Jamal Murray Girlfriend

Jamal Murray’s Girlfriend is Harper Hempel and she is a former Kentucky volleyball player. She is in a relationship with Jamal Murray. Recently, she became popular after sex tape leakage on the internet. It is a tape in which she was closer with her boyfriend Jamal Murray. After the release of the tape, she requested people to delete that video if they have it.

Jamal’s Family & Biography:

Jamal was born on 23rd February in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. He was born to Roger and Sylvia Murray. His father was from Jamaica whereas his mother was from Syria.

When Jamal was 9, his family has shifted to Canada. Jamal has a younger brother too, and his name is Lamar Murray. Roger had a great interest in basketball. He played basketball against many players. When he was young, he played basketball against Lennox Lewis.

His father is a great inspiration for Jamal, as he trained him physically a lot. He makes to do various growth activities such as kung fu exercises, etc. Additionally, he makes his son do meditation after doing exercises.

Body Measurements:

Jamal Murray is a talented player and a fitness enthusiast as well. He is much conservative about his health. In a single day, he works out for more than 5 hours. Jamal stands tall at 6 feet 4 inches. 

His bodyweight is 98 kg, and he follows a healthy, planned diet. He looks fit and active always. Coming to his body measurements, his chest is 40 inches and his biceps is 17 inches. Then, his waist is 34 inches.

Jamal Murray Girlfriend:

The basketball player is dating the former Kentucky volleyball player, Harper Hempel. The couple has been dating since Harper was a sophomore at Kentucky University. Harper was born on 30th August 1997 in Kentucky, USA. She started being a part of the Kentucky Women’s team and served for 3 years. Then, she graduated from senior year.

Jamal Murray Girlfriend

Harper’s father was also in the basketball world before. He was a co-founder of a company named eCoach. This company is mainly to give high-level sports instructions to NBA coaches. The company also provides lower training costs for the trainees.

At present, Harper is a photographer and owns a company in Kentucky. Additionally, she is also a social media consultant. Thus, she has a net worth of around $100 thousand.

Jamal Murray’s Explicit Tape With His Girlfriend Leaks:

On 22nd March 2020, Jamal posted some pictures and an NSFE video on the Instagram story. But soon after some time, he deleted all such pictures and a video. However, some people saw all such pictures and a video. 

Later, Jamal tweeted that his account got hacked. Then, he has apologized to his fans that his account getting hacked and worked to fix this issue.

Jamal’s girlfriend begged people to delete such sex tape leaked online. In her Twitter account, she said, ‘If you have the video please delete it.’ 


Finally, Harper’s Twitter account is suspended due to this problem. Thus, this article helps you to know more about Jamal and his girlfriend.

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