You Season 4 Release Date Drops: We Get It Two Parts of Gory Delight

You Season 4 Release Date

You Season 4 release date has dropped, but here is the catch. We are going to savor it in two parts on Netflix. Come on now, did you seriously think our favorite resident serial killer Joe Goldberg really gave up on his ways? Nope. The charming man is coming back with whole new obsessions and dark passions. The creators announced the fourth season even before the third was released. It’s finally happening. We got to see a creepy new teaser on YouTube which was enough to send shivers down our spines. Here is what we know so far about season 4. 

Second Part is more Interesting
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This time, Joe is on his way to classic London. Paris is already exhausted as a setting, and even if the lights and sights were enough to charm us, the finale certainly did not. Remember the game of stalking and bloody mayhem in the romantic capital of the world? Tati Gabrielle is the kind hearted, compassionate librarian that Joe becomes obsessed with in the third season. Though the season ended on a dismal note, we are hopeful for future episodes. However, Charlotte Ritchie, as Kate, is the main female lead. She is sharp as a knife, after all, and incredibly resourceful. 

New Setting, New Plots

Why we love Kate because of the fact that she is witty and ice-cold, she does not give a damn about the attitudes of the mercurial artists she handles on a daily basis. Furthermore, she might be the only person in the series so far who realizes there is something strange about Joe. The man has literally woven an air of charm and wits about himself that no one can pierce. But when Malcolm, Kate’s self-obsessed casual date, invites Joe to their elitist world, Kate smells something fishy. 

As the first part of the season has already dropped and people are lapping it up like eager bloodhounds, we focus on the second. What exactly is brewing inside the diabolical brain of Joe Goldberg? Will London turn out to be an insane battleground for him? Or will he be outsmarted at last by the cabal of snobbish people hiding dark secrets? We cannot wait till March 9 to find out. Damn, the buildup to the remaining episodes is just about insane. As Joe himself says, he has fallen in love with the most damaged group of people he could have ever met in his life. In his own words, “a circle of privileged douchebags”. 

You Season 4
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Second Part is more Interesting

We are going to get a few nasty surprises this year, though. Old ghosts are returning to haunt Joe in the second part because, well, an old friend/obsession has returned to the series to dog Joe’s heels at every turn. Remember Marianne? The librarian who fled Madre Linde after she stumbled upon the dark secrets Joe was hiding makes a cameo in the trailer. What can we say about the trailer? It is extremely juicy and drops big fat hints. 

Catch the second part on Netflix on March 9. Until then, savour to your heart’s content the first part of the series, which showcases Joe’s initial foray into the privileged heart of London. The exploits of everybody’s favourite serial killer return in an all-new avatar, and we can’t wait for the other half. 


1. Is Love alive in You Season 4 Part 2?

Love makes a surprising cameo in the trailer. 

2. What is You season 4 release date Netflix?

Part 1 premiered on February 9, Part 2 is coming out on March 9. 

3. When is Nathan for you season 4 release date?

Season 4 of the series was released on 28 September, 2017. 

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