Winn Nelson A Single Mother Of Four Children Meets Her Guardian Angel

Winn Nelson A Single Mother Of Four Children

Winn Nelson who is also known as Tawny Nelson is a mother of four little girls. During a though time in her life, she meets her guardian angel in a stranger. The kindness of the stranger to the mother and her little daughters melt the heart of people. 

Today, fewer people love and care for others. The story of Winn nelson is too special as a 70-year-old man helps her to safely reach home. This incident reminds people that humanity is still alive. Now let us see the complete story of Winn Nelson and her family. 

Winn Nelson A Single Mother

A single mother Winn Nelson receives help from a kind stranger

Nelson has four kids but she is not staying with her husband. As a single mother, it was already a tough life raising four children. However, Nelson had a truck in which she and her kids lived. One day they took the truck to a nearby grocery store. One of the kids forgot to switch off the car light which caused the battery to drain. 

With a dead battery, Nelson and her kids were in a helpless situation. To make it worse bad weather was another problem. It was raining heavily and they could not go anywhere. Nelson after her separation from her husband did not have any relatives in the town. However, she asked for help from almost 20 strangers who did not care to hear her plight. 

She was feeling guilty as a mother and also felt discouraged. Also, her children who were 9, 6, 5 and 6 weeks old were crying for food. She had the groceries in the truck but she had to cook the meal. When nelson thought that her life is ruined a guardian angel helped her in the way. Let us see more about the stranger who helped Nelson and her kids. 

The stranger who became a guardian angel with his kindness 

Nelson and her kids were in the parking lot asking for help for almost 2 hours. Suddenly a 74-year-old man knocked on the truck door. She opened the door and saw an old man who had a cane in his hand. He immediately gave chicken strips to Nelson and her kids. Also, he offered biscuits and a water bottle too. 

Further, he kindly told her to feed the babies. Besides, he did not leave the single mother with kids on the truck but did another kind gesture. The old man assured Nelson that he will return with his wife and that he also will bring his tow truck. Within minutes he came back and towed her truck. The couple safely dropped Nelson and her kids at their home. 

The act of kindness becomes a viral story on internet 

The story of Winn Nelson did not end here. After dropping the mom and daughters safely at home the old man appeared at their house again. When Nelson opened the door she saw a mechanic with him. As a gentleman he cared a lot and wanted to fix her truck too. After fixing the truck Nelson thought to pay for the repair work. 

However, the mechanic smiled at her and told them that the old man already paid for the charges. Nelson sees this old man as her guardian angel. All he wanted was to encourage Nelson to be the amazing mom she is. After this incident, Tawny Nelson cried for hours for the kindness of the old man. She feels grateful for the old man and his help. 

Also, this incident helps the mother of four to be even more generous to strangers. She thanked the old man in a TV interview as this story became viral on the internet. A man named frank posted this incident on Facebook that received numerous likes. In the interview with frank, Tawny says that she never got the chance to return anything to the old man. However, she hopes that one day she will show kindness to a stranger who may need help. 

The big impact of the act of kindness in life 

In troublesome situations, there are more people who ignore than those who come forward to help. This is true in Winn Nelson’s life as she asked for help from many strangers on that rainy day. However, the kindness of the old man has a great impact on life. Also, she is determined to help people in need too. 

This incident not only helped Nelson and her kids but it gave them the confidence to move forward in their life. It is a story that does not stop with the mother of four but inspires others as well. Within a few minutes of posting the story on the internet frank received thousands of likes for it. This shows how much people love kindness and this story moves them to do it. 


The story of Winn Nelson and her kids helps people to not lose hope in life. In a difficult situation, she received surprising help from a stranger. To know more about the story you can read the above article. 

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