Why Didn’t Max Speak In Max and.Ruby? What Are Max And Ruby

Max and.Ruby

Max and.Ruby is an animated series that is gaining attention these recent days. The reason is that the people on social media having a debate about this series. They are discussing that why Max is mute in Max and Ruby series. But the creators of this series are yet to answer this question on social media.

What Are Max And Ruby?

Max and Ruby is a kids’ special animated series. In this series, there are two bunny characters named Max and Ruby. Ruby is the big sister to Max. Max never talks in this series but he does everything smart. Though he didn’t speak, he does all the clever activities more when compared to his sister.

The series started on 3rd May 2002. Almost 7 seasons of this series are over. There were some gaps between the releases of each season. Now, the last episode ran on 24th August 2019 after these 7 seasons.

The show is about two bunnies such as Max and Ruby. Max is just a three-year-old young bunny and Ruby is a seven-year-old sister.

The story is about what these two bunnies want in their life. Though both of them love each other, they think differently from the other. For instance, according to Ruby, Max is disorganized and mischievous. But according to Max, Ruby is well organized and bossy.

Thus, both of them think differently and they want different things. It means that Max will need one thing but the Ruby may look for some other thing.

Why Doesn’t Max From.Max And Ruby?

Over many years, this series had run many seasons and episodes. But all those seasons, Max didn’t talk at all. Thus, the fans of the series having confused about this younger bunny’s character.

So, the fans of this series are discussing on social media sites Max’s mute character. They are creating new theories about why is Max mute in Max and Ruby. Thus, to answer this question, they are coming up with terrible theories.

People on social media sites concluded. According to them, Max and his parents were in a car accident. In that accident, Max’s parents died, and that Max got a head injury. So, Max can’t able to speak of having an injury. Also, this might be a reason for Max to play with ambulance and police toys.

But the fans of this series reacted back to these comments. They started arguing for talking bad about the ‘Max And Ruby’ series. Another interesting thing is that not true that Max will not speak. In the later episodes of this series, Max started speaking fewer sentences.

So, the reason that why max is mute in max and ruby is max is younger. In recent episodes, he was just 3 and after some time, he grew up and started speaking.

Additionally, one can see the Max parents in later episodes of the series. So, they are not died of an accident as per the people’s view.


Thus, Max is not mute in this series. He will talk after growing up bigger and his parents are alive.

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