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Who Ruined Mr Beast? The World Most Popular YouTuber, Mr Beast’s Controversies

Who Ruined Mr Beast

Jimmy Donaldson is the real name of this YouTuber. But people call him a MrBeast and most of his fans know him as Mr Beast. The 23-year-old person is popular for posting philanthropic videos on his YouTube channel.

In this article, let us discuss Who Ruined Mr Beast? and his professional life. Also, know more about the reason why is ‘who ruined Mr Beast’ is trending on the net.

Who Ruined Mr Beast?

Jimmy Donaldson is a 23-year-old YouTuber who posts wild and expensive stunts. He also did many philanthropic videos on his channel. Thus, Jimmy is a popular web star as of now.

The YouTuber grew up with his brother, CJ, in the eastern part of North Carolina. It is located in the city of Greenville. Jimmy completed his degree from Greenville Christian Academy. It is the private senior school in that particular area.

A Quick Wikis/ Bio Review

Full Name Jimmy Donaldson
Real Name
Nick Name MrBeast
American YouTuber
Birth Year May 7, 1998
How old is? 24 years (as of 2022)
How tall is? 6ft 2 ½  (191 cm)
Gender Male
Birthplace (Native) Wichita, KS
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Net Worth $25 million
MrBeast; Beast Philanthropy

Professional Life:

Jimmy’s first video on YouTube itself accumulated many views. His first video even created jealousy for the ‘performance art’ fans. Thus, he gained almost 20 million views for his first video and he went viral on YouTube. Then, he started posting many videos which all went viral.

Almost for all of his videos, he will get the most views. With such good popularity on YouTube, he became the highest-paid creators on YouTube. For his videos on the channel, he has got more than 65 million YouTube subscribers. But the wonderful thing about him is that he shares his earnings to help charity homes. Almost, he spent millions of dollars on poor people and strangers.

Some of the examples about Jimmy’s videos are 

  • Spending 50 hours continuously underground of buried alive
  • Getting hunted by a real bounty hunter
  • Locked up inside the security prison for 50 hours

Jimmy is also popular for doing stunts such as

  • Reading all words in the dictionary
  • Buying all things from a store
  • Changing a backyard to a ball pit
  • Giving his money (million dollars) to others and asking them to spend within one minute

Why Is ‘Who Ruined Mr Beast’ Trending?

Since Jimmy creates videos involving new ideas and creativity, a few fellow members are working with him. But the fans noticed some variations in his content. It was due to hiring some fellow creators for generating some wild videos. Also, people have even found out a particular creator named Karl Jacobs. They pointed to him as a reason for ruining Mr. Beast’s vibe.

Who Is Jimmy Donaldson?

People made a complaint about Karl Jacobs and his childish sense of humor. They called him a ‘Cringey.’ 

TikTok users started accusing Karl Jacobs of ruining Mr. Beast. Karl is a popular Minecraft streamer. In the Mr. Beast crew, Jake The Viking left the team due to some reasons. Thus, to replace him, Karl joined this team and he is one of the popular faces in the videos of Mr Beast.

It was the spam user who made this accusation on TikTok. But Karl even had a fan base and they supported him against this accusation.

In addition to that, in many TikTok videos, people accused Karl. In a couple of TikTok videos without supplementing proof, users accused Karl of ruining Mr Beast. According to their accusation, after Karl joined MrBeast, there was a huge drop in views. But again, Karl got support from his fans against these accusations.

Who Is Karl Jacobs?

Karl Jacobs is a member of Dream SMP and also worked as a tour guide for new visitors. He became the creator of working in the MrBeast after dropping out of college.


At present, Jimmy is one of the millionaires of working as a YouTuber. He is doing several challenges in his videos and thus gaining many views.

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