White Jacket To Go After: A Jaw Dropping List You Must See

White Jacket

In the fashion market, white jackets have become a new trend. Especially white puffy jackets have become hot favourites among people around the globe. We know that puffy jackets are best for cold weather. Moreover, they look puffy and many people used to dislike them fo that. However, the white ones have now emerged as new style statements and the common dislike for the puffy appearance has vanished. 

Various celebrities like Ariana Grande and others have sported oversized puffy jackets and that very fact has intensified the trend. With time, these jackets have also upgraded from being solely winter garments to being the prime comfort maker for people. As a result, both in offline stores and online stores, the demand for these has skyrocketed. Therefore, if you wish to know more about the best options among white and off-white jackets then this article is the perfect stop for you. 

The List 

Here goes a list of the best white puffer jackets that you can grab for yourself from the market. However, no particular order of arrangement has been followed in making this list:

1. Ultra Light Down Volume Jacket

These jackets are one of the best products that you can get in the market. They might appear fluffy and heavy. But they are very light. However, being light does not mean that these will not keep you warm. These jackets have outstanding heat insulation and are also water-resistant. Moreover, they are also portable. Thus if you are looking for a perfect one for white jacket women or men,  then this is the perfect one for you.

The List 

2. UO Mae Hooded Puffer Jacket

This white puffer from Urban Outfitters is the perfect choice to beat the cold. This jacket comes with a pointed turtleneck collar that looks really classy. Moreover, there is a down-string hood that is highly adjustable. There are also pockets on the waist. Therefore, getting hold of one of these would make you look stylish while providing a comfortable feeling. 

3. Isobel Puffer Coat

Well, if you like to add a tinge of style to plain white jackets, then this is the one for you. The orange chain is perfectly matched with the multicolour design that is there at the upper part of the chest area of the jacket. Therefore, with this jacket, you can stay warm while looking cool and stylish all time. 

4. Oversize Quilted Coat

This is yet another water-repellant material that is perfect for winter days. This jacket comes with a rounded neck and buttoned cuffs. On the front section of this jacket, there are two patch pockets. Moreover, the padding patterns on the jacket make it look different from the other ones in the market. 

Isobel Puffer Coat

5. Weekender Puffer Jacket

If you a fan of a free fit, with spacious arm and body spaces in a jacket, then you should go for this one. Featuring high collars, these are perfectly suited both as white jackets men and women. It has a classy look to it and is definitely one of the more comfortable options that you can get on the market.

6. Biannual Faux-Fur-Trimmed Insulated Puffer Jacket

Insulated jackets are always warmer than the rest. This jacket has an interesting look to it. Have you always been fascinated by the costume worn by the space-travellers? Then, you might partly live your dream with this jacket. They are super warm and cosy when you step outside in the biting cold. Therefore, for extremely cold weather, this jacket will definitely work wonders. 


1. Are white jackets heavy?

Well, when it comes to puffer jackets, most of them are not that heavy.

2. Are white puffer jackets warm?

All puffer jackets are designed to keep you warm in cold weather. However, the insulated ones are better in this case. 

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