What’s All The Fuss About “How Many Camels For Your Girlfriend” On Tiktok?

How Many Camels For Your Girlfriend

Of course, from historic times, animals have been a symbol of power and wealth. Of course, you may wonder what is this question how many camels for your girlfriend? all about. After all, you may have seen it all over the internet. Especially in TikTok, this has been a huge trend. In fact, there are online camel calculators just to answer this question. If you are curious about this, just keep scrolling.

First, what’s the point of this question?

In short, this is only for light fun without any deep meaning to it. That’s right, there is no hidden or secret understanding to this question’s answer. The fact is, it was normal for people to give animals as a gift when asking a person’s hand for marriage. Well, this is mainly in Eastern countries like the Arab. And, the number of animals for the gift depends on the person’s beauty and intelligence. So, now you know what caused this hype.

In other words, you can know whether your girlfriend is really a worthy person with this question. Of course, this is all for fun and in no way intended to hurt anyone.

Why camels are up for this measurement?

Certainly, when you read that question, you would have thought it is a weird thing. But, the thing is, this quiz is more about the idea of wealth in ancient times. In fact, you can say how rich a family was in history depending on the number of animals they have. On the other hand, camels symbolize power and wealth in ancient times. So, you can know a person’s worth depending on the number of camels.

Possible answers you get in the quiz

You can expect different results for different types of calculators. Generally, you can see 4 types of results when you take the how many camels for your girlfriend? quiz. They are 10, 25, 50, and 100. Furthermore, each result shows the type of person your girlfriend is. Remember, you cannot take this seriously because all of this is meant to be a good joke for youngsters.

  • 10 camels

If you get the lowest score, don’t get angry. Surely, a person is worth more than that. On the other hand, think about your inner self. Do you think that needs a revaluation? Certainly, that will say a lot about your worth.

  • 25 camels

Obviously, this is a better score than 10 camels. Well, this can mean that your girlfriend is a kind-hearted person. Of course, this also means that she can do better at expressing herself. On the other hand, your girlfriend may be a person who gets to enjoy only limited individuals’ company.

  • 50 camels

Well, this is a better score because it shows that your girlfriend is beautiful both on the inside and outside. In fact, she is the type of person who will make sure not to hurt anyone else. On the other hand, people enjoy her company because of her positive energy.

  • 100 camels

Consider yourself hitting the jackpot for finding the best girlfriend. From loyalty to compassion, she has it all. Surely, such a person deserves rightly deserves 100 camels!

Well, that’s all there is about this trending joke. So, take the quiz and laugh it out loud because all of this is just for fun.

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