Why Is Snowflake Emoji Trending? What Does The Snowflake Emoji Mean?

What Does The Snowflake Emoji Mean

At the end of 2020 around October, this snowflake became popular on the net. It is started doing the rounds on social media. So, people are getting eager to know the meaning of this emoji. 

What Does The Snowflake Emoji Mean?

To begin with, what does the Snowflake Emoji mean? Generally, the snowflake emoji means someone is very sensitive. But after this emoji became trending on the net, people started thinking that it has a different meaning.

This is all started when the American rapper Quavo shared this emoji with his girlfriend, Saweetie back in 2018. Soon after sharing this screenshot of his message on Twitter, it went viral. The rapper shared this screenshot along with the couple’s photo.

He shared this snowflake emoji with his girlfriend, Saweetie instead of chatting in lines. But why did he use this emoji instead of using other emojis?  The rapper wanted to point his girlfriend’s hit single ‘Icy Girl.’ So, he used this snowflake as a symbol for ‘Icy Girl.’

To respond to the rapper’s message, Saweetie used a noodle bowl. And this means the rapper’s song ‘Stir Fry.’ After this message from the rapper, he was thinking about how the girl will respond to him back.

But he was asking her smartly that ‘You are an icy girl, so you need a glacier boy.’ This rapper’s tweet crossed more than half a million likes. People started loving this couple and they even used this snowflake emoji to their usernames. This is how this emoji became trending on the net.

Thus, if you get a snowflake emoji from your friend or other, it means the person loves you or is romantically interested in you.

Why Is Snowflake Emoji Trending?

After the rapper’s way of getting back to the romantic life using a Snowflake emoji, normal people also tried this method. Many people started using this emoji with their partners to get back together in their lives. So, people started sharing this on social media sites.

This internet trending emoji is used in multiple memes as well later. For instance, people used it to compare with their poor work and how it is going on, etc. Even to share pictures of the pets, they used this emoji.

How Do You Use The Snowflake Emoji?

This emoji is used to test people how are aware of this pop culture. Even if you want to start a flirty conversation with anyone, you can use this emoji. You can use it by opening the emoji and typing it along with your username. In the olden days, it is just used to mean the chill weather. But now there is a different trend, as people are using it to show their romantic interest in others.


Thus, the Snowflake emoji became trending among people after the rapper’s tweet on social media.

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