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Everything you need to know about Victoria Scott D’Angelo – Chuck Yeager’s wife

Victoria Scott D'Angelo

The name Victoria Scott D’Angelo is not new to the spotlight. For starters, her appearance in the film ‘Witness’ had a huge impact in 1985. But in 2003, Victoria’s popularity reached a new level because of being Chuck Yeager’s wife. Later, the dispute between her and her stepkids got attention.

Bio of Victoria Scott D’Angelo

Victoria Scott was born in the year 1957 into a rich family in the United States of America. Her father was a lawyer and her mother was a social worker. And, both of them were from Philadelphia. Furthermore, she has American nationality. Also, she belongs to the white ethnicity. Victoria got her drama degree in 1980 from the University of Virginia present in Charlottesville. Next, from Columbia University, she got her business degree in 1985.

Victoria Scott D'Angelo

Victoria D’Angelo and Chuck Yeager

Well, you can say that Victoria Scott D’Angelo got the spotlight because of Chuck Yeager. In fact, Victoria is not the first wife of Chuck. Yes, he married her after the death of Glennis Yeager, his first wife, in the year 1990. Now, let’s come to the love story of Victoria and Chuck. They met each other during a hiking trail in Nevada County. That’s right, this is where it all started.

Then, the duo dated for a short time before exchanging wedding vows in 2003. At that time, Chuck was at the age of 80 while Victoria was 45. Moreover, the couple didn’t have kids on their own. Still, Victoria became a stepmother to 4 kids which were from Chuck’s first marriage. They are Susan, Don, Mickey, and Sharon.

Relationship of Victoria Scott with her stepkids

Sadly, unlike her relationship with her husband, Victoria’s relationship with her kids was strained. Furthermore, Chuck’s children disputed a lot with Victoria Scott D’Angelo. They charged her for marrying their father only for his money. Of course, both Victoria and Chuck has denied such stories.

Well, the story took a sudden turn when Yeager found fraudulent activity by his children using his assets. The California Court of Appeal found that Susan, his first daughter, violated her duty as trustee in 2008. Yes, it was found that she has illegally taken huge sums of money from his accounts.

Present Victoria Scott D’Angelo’s net worth

Of course, from her professional career, Victoria D’Angelo got a good amount of money. But, this former actress has kept her net worth a secret. Well, you can be sure of one thing. And, that she is living a lavish lifestyle with her money. On the other hand, late Chuck Yeager had 1.5 million dollars as his net worth at the time of his demise. So, after his death, Victoria may have got all of Chuck Yeager’s possessions.

Victoria Scott career

Well, Victoria Scott D’Angelo entry into the film industry was a matter of coincidence. She spotted the filming crew who were taking the film ‘Witness’. While they were waiting for their train, she introduced herself to the Harrison Ford film crew. Now, Victoria makes a living by filing small claim suits without any plans to enter into the film industry in future. On the other hand, her late husband Chuck was a flying ace in United States Air Force.

Well, that’s all there is about Victoria Scott D’Angelo. Hope this helps you to get a good idea about this amazing person.