All the Gorgeous Tennis Skirt Outfits to Wear This Season

Tennis Skirt Outfits

Tennis skirt outfits. You heard that right. If you scroll down your Facebook or Instagram feed nowadays, you will notice a curious new trend catching everyone. People are wearing tennis skirt outfits by the bushel and flaunting that preppy style left right, and center. But this is nothing new. Social media has recently become the one place to go if you want to see pleated and collared garments. Even before that, we had heritage brands like Tory Burch, and Lacoste was pushing out all that country club energy long before it became a trend. 

Needless to say, exercise dresses and skorts have returned with a vengeance to become the national vibe. So it does not matter much whether you are a passionate fan of the game itself or, like so many people, a great believer in the aesthetics of the look itself, tennis wear is for you. We round up the best outfits and accessories that will let you ace the look. As you know, it doesn’t really matter if you take up the racquet and launch a volley on the court itself. What matters is how you look both on and off the court. 

Preppy and Cool 

Madewell rocks the game once more, so to speak. The fashion line has brought forth for you an A-line exercise dress that is stretchable and moulds to your form like nothing else. You can also try their range of pleated skirts. If you are of a mind to try the skirt or skort instead, make sure you tuck an oversized shirt into the waistband. Drape a cool zip-up jacket around your shoulders, and you will be turning heads in no time. By the way, do you know what a skort is? It is a combination of two very distinct styles of clothes, namely a skirt and shorts. Mostly worn with a tank top, it also looks gorgeous when paired with an exercise dress. 

Colors, colors. We have a huge variety of colors to choose from when it comes to tennis wear. You don’t have to go for the classic white simple. You can throw on a button-down dress if you want to go to a party and end up standing out from the rest of the crowd, in a good way. The brands which offer tennis skirt outfits in different colors so far are Alo, Outdoor Voices, and Free People. Go on, then, spin around for a spell in that gorgeous summer dress. 

Preppy and Cool 

Proper Accessories

Furthermore, a bit of a word on the proper pairing is in order. If you are looking for a classic fit that does not skimp on the contemporary as well, go for a pullover. You can alternatively wear a polo or a windbreaker. Our recommendation is a classic polo with a matching skirt. You will never look so preppy and stylish as the day you decide to adopt tennis wear and step out in the streets. And just imagine all that without actually swinging a racquet on the court. 

Don’t just settle for the garments, though. Go get yourself a nice visor that will help you keep the sun’s glare out. Shades will do as well. If you are actually into the game as well and aiming for plenty of sessions out in the sun, invest in a good headband that will soak up all errant sweat and keep your hair in line. 


1. What are some aesthetic tennis skirt outfits?

Some aesthetic brands are Madewell, Alo, Mango. 

2. Is streetwear tennis skirt 2020 still in vogue?

Yes you can still wear it and be in fashion. 

3. Are black tennis skirt outfits fashionable?

Yes black is a very good color when it comes to outfits. 

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