Salma Hayek breastfeeding a starving infant in Sierra Leone

Salma Hayek breastfeeding

Salma Hayek breastfeeding an infant in Africa is viral news. The 7th UNICEF ball honours the actress for her contributions. During her speech at the event, she shares about breastfeeding other children. Many women have various stigmas on this matter. Many think that they should feed only their infants but not other children. 

Through her act, she removes the stigma that any woman can feed a child in need. Also, at that time the actress had a child who was one year old. Besides, Salma Hayek is one of the most influential Latina artists in America. She is a beautiful actress who has done iconic Hollywood movies.

 Now she is doing great work for children’s and women’s welfare. She is using her wealth and energy to help the ones in need. Let us see more about Salma Hayek breastfeeding another infant and how it affects other women. 

Salma Hayek helps a 15 year old mother who could not breastfeed her starving infant 

Apart from her acting career Salma Hayek is famous for philanthropy. For more than a decade the actress is working with the United Nations children’s fund program. In 2017 she helped women and children in a Mexico earthquake. Throughout the world, she is actively helping many people through camps. 

Salma Hayek breastfeeding

However, there is a special incident for the actress in Sierra Leone. She went to support the children’s vaccination program in that region. The team of Hayek had enough vaccines for every child in that place. One such day Hayek noticed a weak infant who did not have any milk to drink.

 His mother is 15 years old and had no milk in her to feed the baby. With no milk or formula, the child was starving. It is a surprise that Hayek did not hesitate to breastfeed the infant. The actress’s daughter just started weaning. Still, she fed the malnourished infant. 

The 15-year mother of the starving child was grateful to Salma Hayek. Even after doing such a great thing, Hayek did not publicize her act. However, after many years UNICEF wanted to create awareness about woman breastfeeding. They insisted to release footage of Salma Hayek breastfeeding a hungry infant. When the footage became viral many did not understand it. Negative comments did appear in this footage. Still, Salma Hayek did not stop helping children and women in Africa. 

The Doctor explains Salma Hayek the reason for high death rate in Sierra Leone 

The video of Salam Hayek breastfeeding a hungry infant is surely heart melting. This incident happened in Sierra Leon, Africa. A doctor told the actress about the reason many women stop breastfeeding their infants. In countries such as Africa, there are several stigmas related to it. Also, pressure from their husbands is a crucial reason for the woman to stop breastfeeding. In that place, men do not like to have relations with their wives when they are breastfeeding. 

Due to this, Salma Hayek was informed that Sierra Leone has the highest infant mortality rate in the world. Also, malnutrition is yet another reason for the death of many children. The health adviser in that region wanted Salma Hayek to help them to watch women breastfeed their infants for at least two years. They knew that it is a difficult task. 

Sierra Leone

However, after Salma Hayek gave milk to a hungry infant it was like an eye-opener for women of that region. Many mothers have the habit of breastfeeding only their children. Through Hayek’s great move it was clear to women that they can feed not only their children but any hungry child. She also suggested that when malnutrition is an issue woman should not hesitate to share their breast milk. 

Salma Hayek says that ‘Her daughter does not mind sharing her Milk’. 

Salma Hayek a mother of four shares her thoughts on feeding breast milk to another infant. The actress went on a Sierra Leone trip when her daughter was one year old. She was also breastfeeding her daughter at that time. However, Salma Hayek comments that her daughter would not mind sharing her mother’s milk with other children. 

The actress adds that ‘Breastfeeding another child does not mean that I am disloyal to my daughter’. She admits that her daughter will feel proud to share milk with others. She also wants her daughter to grow as a caring and generous person. Not only did the actress save a hungry infant but many other children in Sierra Leone. The actress provides food for the needy.

During her visit to Africa Hayek saw the lack of Vaccines for children. There are many treatable viruses for children such as Tetanus. However, there are fewer vaccines for infants that result in death. There is one incident where a newborn infant died at the hands of Salma Hayek due to the Tetanus Virus. The ultimate goal of Salma Hayek is to work with UNICEF to help children and women. 


Salma Hayek is popular for Hollywood movies and her performance as an actress. However to know more about Salma Hayek’s breastfeeding take a look at the above incident. 

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