Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin: All You Need To Know About The Celebrity Kid

Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin

Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin has recently come under the limelight. In fact, there is a proper reason for that. We have seen various instances where celebrity kids catch the attention of the public and the media very early in their lives. In fact, media outlets start writing about discussing celebrity kids, even before they are born. This is exactly what has made Romeo intensely popular. To state things clearly, let me inform you Romeo is the child of Alec Baldwin, the famous American actor. 

Romeo is the fourth child of Alec. In the entertainment industry, Alec is a very famous and successful name.  The star actor has impressed the audience with his stunning performances in Blue Jasmine, Alice, To Rome With Love, The Hunt For Red October, and many others. In fact, he has worked with directors like Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese. In addition, we have also seen his performances in the fifth and the sixth instalments of the Mission: Impossible series. 

He has also bagged numerous awards including three Golden Globe Awards, eight Screen Actors Guild Awards and many others. Therefore, it is expected that Romeo being his child, will receive much attention from the media outlets. Read this article to know various facts about Romeo, the fourth child of Alec Baldwin.

Birth Details

Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin
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Romeo is the fourth child of Alec and his present wife Hilaria Baldwin. To be more precise, he is the third son of the couple. Romeo breathed his first on the 17th of May 2018. He was born to his parents in New York City. Therefore, his date of birth suggests that he is around years old, as of 2022. The news of his arrival was officially announced via Instagram. The post also mentioned that his birth weight was 8lbs 2oz. In addition, his mother also revealed his name through Instagram, four days after his birth.


We already know that Romeo Alejandro is the son of the celebrity Alec Baldwin and his present wife Hilaria. Therefore, he is a part of a celebrity family. Apart from his parents, Romeo also has five siblings in the family. Their names are Rafael Thomas, Carmen Gabriela, Eduardo Pau Lucas, Leonardo Baldwin, and Maria Lucia Victoria. Apart from that, he also has a step-sibling named Ireland Baldwin. Ireland was born out of Alec’s first marriage to Kim Basinger. She was born on the 23rd of October, 1995. 

Alec-Hilaria Relationship 
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Alec-Hilaria Relationship 

Alec Baldwin started dating Hilaria in the month of August 2011. Soon their relationship started to get serious. In fact, they were also spotted together on various occasions and events. Therefore, soon after starting to date, they moved in together in Greenwich village. They dated for eight months. Finally, in the month of April 2012, they got engaged. The long-awaited marriage of the two took place on the 30th of June, 2012. The location of their marriage was St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, in New York City. Since then, the two have been together and are now living happily with their children.

Concluding Lines

Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin, like every other kid of the Baldwin family, is involved in sports from his very childhood days. Since 2021, he has been enrolled in tennis. Apart from that, he leads a very luxurious lifestyle. After all his parents are multi-millionaires. Alec has an estimated net worth of around $60 million, and his wife Hilaria’s net worth is around $10 million. Therefore, they are keeping all their children in a luxurious yet inspiring way. 

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