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Rashida Jones: How to Slay In Black Like Her

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones nude is one of the sexiest ladies alive. How do we know? Well, the simple fact that she can drape a simple black blazer and make it look like something extraordinary. The actress was recently seen at the red-carpet premiere of Funny People in exactly this outfit. And she looked so gorgeous people could not take their eyes off her. She decided to keep it simple, but as is the case with most outfits, simple also means sexy. But then, Rashida Jones has always been known for her stellar choices in clothes. We take a look at how even you can mimic the look. 

A Color for All Seasons

Black is a colour that will never go out of style. Wear it in a blazer, put it in a pair of trousers and step into a gown. Black continues to charm people all over the world with its no-nonsense attitude. A lot of women feel comfortable wearing black when they are confused about what color to choose for their outfits. It is a reliable hue. But there is no reason why you can’t put a bit of oomph in it, just the way Rashida did.

Her form-fitting blazer and camisole are easily available pieces you can find anywhere around your home. However, make sure you don’t keep it dull by adding some kind of texture to it, like a graphic pattern against the dark background. You can also add some accessories like gold chains. Mix and match is the name of the game. 

Now we are quite sure nobody can match the effortless charm of Rashida, but you can surely mimic her array of gorgeous outfits. Regardless of what your body shape is, there is always a timeless black outfit for you. All you need to do is just look in the right place. Now, if you want to put together an all-black outfit, you may want to keep the fabric of the various garments different. For example, if you pair your black skinny jeans with a black jacket, you will look like a punk rock star. It is a cool look. Don’t let people tell you otherwise. Similarly, wear your black lace shirt with a black skirt. See, it is not too difficult.

A Color for All Seasons
Credit: harper’s bazar

Wear It Anywhere

Furthermore, the best part about choosing a dark garment is that you can wear it anywhere, including your workplace. It helps you blend in with the rest of the crowd as well as stand out among them whenever you wish. Blazers, pencil skirts, and tote leather bags are all available for you whether you work as a lawyer or a data specialist.

For the weekend outfit, choose a simple black hoodie and casual jeans that can end in white sneakers. That is what I wore throughout my college days, and I never grew tired of it. For more comfort, I suggest you take a turtleneck and pair it with sweatpants. See? So much variety you will never grow tired of black after that. 

So black, in the end, is the most versatile color on Earth. Wear it to the park for a game of football, wear it to your presentation in the office and turn the date into a sultry affair. We guarantee you will fall in love with it, and your wardrobe will be crammed full of black in no time.


1. Where can we find Rashida Jones nude scene?

A Rashida Jones scene is not available anywhere. 

2. Are there any Rashida Jones nude fakes?

There are some illegal sites distributing deepfake nudes.

3. Was there ever a Rashida Jones nude leak?

No there was never such a nude leak. 

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