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Rainy Day Images For Facebook That Can Earn You More Likes On The Platform

Rainy Day Images

There are numerous rainy-day images for Facebook that are refreshing and beautiful. Today, sharing the feeling about good weather is a trend on Facebook. Every rainy season people search for many such photos on the internet.

Further, to get more likes for your rainy day pictures on Facebook it is important to choose the right one. Clear and meaningful posts on the platform received more likes. Here are some of the best rainy-day images for Facebook you need to see. 

Rainy Day

Rainy day images for Facebook with quotes 

People like images when they have a great meaning. When posting rainy day images you can choose a photo that has quotes. Rainy weather is perfect for hot snacks and beverages. Many images show the happiness of this season. If you are seeing rain in your city post these images on your Facebook page to get more likes. Here are some of the rainy-day image quotes you need to look at. 

  • There is nothing better than the soundness of heavy rain when you are falling asleep’
  • ‘I love rain and thunder on a night as it is peaceful’
  • ‘Anyone who says that sunshine brings happiness has never enjoyed the happiness of dancing in rain’
  • ‘It is okay to cry because the sky does it too’
  • ‘Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday’
  • ‘Listen to the sound of falling rain’
  • ‘A rainy day is a lovely gift as you can sleep late and not feel guilty’
  • ‘There is nothing better than a cup of hot tea on a rainy day’

The viral story of a stranger who helped two boys on a rainy day 

Facebook is a platform that is a perfect spot to share the best images. You can share any of the beautiful rainy images to entertain your followers. Many stories on the internet are just heart-melting. One such rainy-day story on Facebook is trending recently. It is the story of Wilson Curtis who saw two children riding a bicycle on a rainy day. 

The children were enjoying the rain. However, Wilson saw that the children were fixing the bicycle on the roadside. He could see that they needed help to repair it to ride their way back. At the same time, a stranger was walking from the hardware store to his car. Still, he stopped to see the two kids and also helped them to fix the bicycle. 

Rainy Day Images For Facebook

Further, Wilson Curtis not only saw this heartwarming moment of a stranger helping two kids on a rainy day but captured a picture. The picture of a man helping two kids in heavy rain is a popular image on Facebook. It is a story that inspires others to be considerate to others like the man. The stranger and kids shared a sweet smile and went their way. It is a simple rainy day picture that has a great meaning. 

Rainy day images that can make a difference 

From the Wilson Curtis story, it is clear that images with meaning can make a difference. Several rainy-day images can make people happy. These images not only help to express your emotions but helps people to interact with your post. There are images such as keeping calm and loving the rainy season, it is a rainy day, thunderstorms and lightning, heavy rain and trees and much more images to post on Facebook. 


Everyone likes the rainy season as it is beautiful and helps people to pause for a moment to enjoy the nature. Also, to share your thoughts on this weather see the above rainy-day images for Facebook. These perfect pictures can entertain your followers and also earn you more likes. 

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