You May Try Rainbow Hair is The Trend This Summer

Rainbow Hair

Rainbow Hair has steadily climbed the ranks of fashion trends to become its own category. Also, it’s grown pretty common these days. You can find people flaunting pastels as quickly as people with blond or brown hair, and that is a pretty good thing because this trend is here to stay. 

Rainbow Hair is fun, quirky, and easily removed should you feel the popularity wearing off after some time. It seems nothing can shake off that cool girl vibe for a long time to come. What’s stopping you from rocking it too, then?

Blue and Green Reign

There are infinite options for you in the world of technicolor. What you must keep in mind though, is that Rainbow won’t last forever. The pigment used sits on the very surface of your hair so expect it to remain for about a month or two. 

So try and don’t get attached to your funky new hairstyle. Furthermore, certain shades of color will fade out faster than others so this is another fact to remember when you go for a Rainbow. Blues are the quickest and reds stay a bit longer before they leave. 

Blue and Green Reign

The first style and shade you can go for is the blue pastel. Ironically, as mentioned above this is the first shade to fade, but as long as it stays you will never be disappointed. It simply looks marvelous on pale skin. 

However, do take care that if you have any kind of redness, the color will bring it out and can tinge your hair green if it is not lightened enough. Ask your colorist to fill your hair properly and knock out any lingering tones before the blue comes in. A bit of a hassle but totally worth it, since the finished look is cool as hell. 

Blue and Green Reign

Neons are the way to Go

Amethyst is a color that keeps strength and delicacy in utter balance. If you have a darker skin tone, you can definitely try this shade as it will make you look stunning. It is bold but soft at the same time, and being the warmer side of violet has its own aesthetic effects. Do remember that if you do choose amethyst, you will have to bleach your hair completely before painting your head warm pastel violet. 

Two-tone, is the most preferred arrangement when it comes to Rainbow Hair. Of course, two is always better than one in this realm. You just have to know which colors to mix and match so your hair does not look ugly or laid back. One of the most eye-catching pairs, in this case, is bright pink and purple. They also look extremely pretty together and are well worth your time if you decide to give them a chance. 

Neons are the way to Go

Now comes the queen of all Rainbow hairstyles. The neon shades. Once you have decided you are rather bold and wish to experiment a bit more with your hair, you can paint them in neon shades. Placing the ombre by your cheekbones will make your eyes stand out like nothing else. Many celebrities have rocked neon shades in music videos and series recently. We personally think you will look grand in this particular style. 

If you want a bright and bold statement, just add two flaming red streaks running down your face and your social media handles will go crazy. Known as the e-girl streaks, they have been popular for quite some time now and you can definitely try them out. 


1. What is the best rainbow hair color?

Red is the best color since it lasts the longest. 

2. Is it okay to use rainbow hair dye?

Yes though you must consult with your colorist. 

3. Is pastel rainbow hair still in fashion?

Yes they are getting increasingly popular. 

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