Olevod: About This Site, It’s Safety & Alternatives


If you love watching Chinese and Korean movies, then Olevod should be your favourite. Korean and Chinese movies are very popular among people around the world. This very platform offers a stunning platform to watch Chinese and Korean movies and TV shows. It features a very well-stocked library where you can watch numerous such content. Moreover, this platform has a very well-categorised library according to release date, genre, and so on.

Therefore, if you wish to know more about this fantastic streaming platform, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know everything about this platform where you can watch Chinese and Korean movies and TV shows seamlessly. 

About Olevod

About Olevod
Credit: variety

We already know that this website is a platform where you can watch Chinese and Korean movies and TV shows seamlessly. In addition, you will also find a significant collection of cartoons and anime. Moreover, you can access this website from a browser on both android and iOS devices. What is more interesting is that it offers free service. That is why there are millions of users who use this platform from around the globe. 

It has a wide library with various genres of content like Action, Mythological, Musical, Sci-Fi,  Mystery, Biography, Romance, Thriller, Animation, War, Horror, Adventure, Documentaries and Comedy. In addition, you can also download the content of your choice from this platform.

Safety And Legality

It is a safe website that harbours no viruses or malware. In addition, its legal nature is also unclear. This is due to the fact that it has both copyright-protected and copyright-free content. Therefore, if you are dealing with copyright-free videos, then there is no legal issue with that. However, if you wish to watch copyrighted content, then you will have to get the permission of the owner of the videos. 

Safety And Legality


At times, the site might not function properly. In fact, some of the links might not function at times. Therefore, for such cases, it is better to know some alternative options. Here are some alternatives which work almost like Olevod:

1. Langlangbay

This is a popular and famous destination for watching your favourite Chinese, Korean and Hollywood films. Therefore, it is a multi-functional platform. Apart from providing free streaming, it also allows you free download. Some of the best movies are available here for you.

2. Douban

It is also one of the popular sharing and streaming sites globally. In addition, is also functions as a very prominent movie seach engine. You will have to enter the names of the movies and the platform will provide you with relevant links to get the movie.

3. ChinaQ

This alternative is not limited to only Chinese and Korean contents. Rather, it offers you access to content in English and other languages. You can download movies in varied sizes and that is why it has become so popular both in China and also across the globe. 

Credit: Kim komando

4. DramasQ

This is yet another place to watch Chinese and Korean movies for free. The library of this platform is really extensive and offers HD quality content. Moreover, the site is also very structured. This helps in easy search.

5. Vudu

Vudu is a great choice for streaming movies in the best possible qualities for free. It also has a great library and lots on content. You name a genre and you will get lots of movies on that.

6. Movie Watcher

The name is greatly symbolic of its action. You can watch Chinese, Korean, Hollywood and other movies here for free. It can be accessed from desktops and mobile devices as well. 

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