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Nicole Kidman Leaving Divorce Lawyer: The Best Break-up Picture Ever

Nicole Kidman Leaving Divorce Lawyer

Nicole Kidman leaving divorce lawyer is a two-decade-old picture that is popular now. After the release of this image, many started to rekindle the details of Kidman’s marriage with Tom Cruise. People are always curious to know information about Hollywood power couples.

 One such glamorous love story of Tom and Nicole is sparking attention. The couple who were head over heels for each other also faced a tragic breakup. After meeting at the ‘Days of Thunder’ movie set it was love at first sight for the couple. In a 2002 interview, Nicole Kidman admits that she is love-struck with Tom cruise. 

However, the marriage life did not end up well. It was an ugly fight that soon became a huge scandal. To end the matter Nicole Kidman was trying to get a divorce. Finally, in 2001, Nicole Kidman leaving divorce lawyer was taken which shows her leaping with joy after ending things with her ex-husband. Let us see more about this infamous photo and the story behind it. 

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman about madly and passionately in love with Tom Cruise 

The beginning of Nicole Kidman and Tom cruise’s love story was magical. In the 1990s the couple was madly in love and seen cosy at many events. When dating, they also adopted two children Isabella and Connor. They also enjoyed parenting their two children together until an irreconcilable problem in their marriage. 

There is no clear reason for their split. In many interviews, people question Nicole about her turbulent marriage but the actress remains silent about the issue. However, the fact that is clear about their split is that they no longer speak to each other. 

The star speaks about her feeling during the relationship. She felt ‘Pushed’ into Tom. Also, she had several doubts about her fame. At one point Nicole thought that she is only famous because of her husband. 

Nicole Kidman describes her marriage as protection but nothing more 

Nicole Kidman in Vanity Fair speaks about marrying Tom cruise at a young age. At just 23 years old she started her life with Tom. She says that more than his power his protection helped her in the entertainment industry. Hollywood has many sexual harassment issues. Marrying a powerful man protected her from such harassment. 

Even at her work, she felt safe due to Tom. However, she says that at the age of 33 she felt like a grown-up. She no longer thought that her relationship was in the right direction. Nicole Kidman is now a mother of four children while with tom she also had two miscarriages. The first miscarriage was mentally tough for the actress. After losing her second child she also wanted to end things with Tom.  

The picture of Nicole Kidman leaving a divorce lawyer says more 

Breakup is tough for anyone. There are only a few people who have a smooth breakup as many have a messy one. Over the years there are several celebrity breakup stories on the internet. Many celebrities are seen dull and sad after such incidents. However, for Nicole Kidman, her breakup with Tom cruise was the happiest moment. 

After getting the divorce settlement she is seen leaping with joy. It is a picture that inspires many people as they see not sadness or disappointment but a happy breakup picture. It is a rare image of the celebrity that is viral even today. The fact that Nicole Kidman is happy with her decisions is what matters in the end.

 Still, several rumours make Tom cruise seem like the worst guy due to this picture. However, Kidman does not have any unkind words for him. Nicole Kidman leaving divorce lawyer is just a picture of the actress who is content about leaving an unpleasant marriage but nothing more. 

Nicole Kidman Leaving Divorce Lawyer

Nicole Kidman’s Life after her split with Tom Cruise 

Kidman admits that leaving a ten-year-long marriage was tough for her. Still, the celebrity did not dwell on that but she moved on with her life. After taking a few years’ breaks, she did several Hollywood movies to get going with her career. Further, for her efforts, she also got an Oscar award for her exceptional performance. She also keeps her humour alive when arriving at TV shows. 

More importantly, she did not lose hope in love. The actress met Urban Keith and they tied the knot in 2006. Even in this relationship, she had a few ups and downs but still enjoy a beautiful journey. Plus, the actress had her first child Rose with Urban and also their second child through surrogacy. After her problematic marriage with Tom cruise, the actress ends up with the love of her life. 


Nicole Kidman leaving a divorce lawyer is a tending picture on the internet. To know more about the story read the above article. 

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