Naomi Campbell Daughter Wears Versace For The First Time

Naomi Campbell Daughter

Naomi Campbell daughter Versace for the first time. Yes, you heard it right. What makes cuter and more interesting is the fact that she is not even one yet. We did not expect anything less from her anyway. The supermodel gave her thousands of followers a rare look at the little one some days back. Curiously, we had not yet heard her name or seen her face till now. Campbell showed us her baby girl via Instagram Stories, and you guessed it, the adorable baby wore Versace from head to toe, lying on her back on the bed. 

All Hush Hush
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Now there is indeed a significance behind Campbell posting this photo specifically on July 15. On this day the world famous designer Andrew Cunanan shot dead Gianni Versace. Versace was the last victim of the spree killer who had murdered four other men just a few days earlier. This was a pretty huge blow to the fashion industry. Needless to say, Campbell was also shaken by Versace’s assassination. In her caption, the model added four doves and a red heart to show her sorrow and admiration for the late designer. 

A Tribute to Versace

She also uploaded a video clip of herself sharing a tender embrace with Versace on a runway show. According to Campbell, she misses Versace for his revolutionary designs and work ethic, which were lauded by almost everyone in the fashion industry at that time. Moreover, he was a generous man, too and freely mingled with people from all walks of life without any prejudice. Therefore, it is not much surprising that Campbell dressed her daughter up in the line started by her favorite designer. We think it is an extremely beautiful tribute and shows just how much Campbell admired him. 

Naomi welcomed her baby daughter in the month of May. Furthermore, just after she was born, she posted a picture of the newborn baby’s feet and wrote an adorable quote. Her daughter was a beautiful little angel and she was quite blessed that she had chosen Naomi as her mother. She was very grateful for this. Moreover, she also wrote that she was happy to share a lifelong bond with the angel who was now part of her life. Now, here is another delightful message following Campbell’s daughter’s birth. Donatella Versace, Gianni’s sister, expressed her own happiness and called herself an auntie to the little girl. We think it is adorable.

A Tribute to Versace

All Hush Hush

So far, Campbell has refused to reveal the name of her daughter. Furthermore, she does speak a lot about the little one and recently told us about a “rare, biological detail” about her. According to Campbell, her daughter hardly cries and is extremely alert for her age. Moreover, she also sleeps well. The baby is apparently a travel freak like her mother, too if we are to believe Campbell. She does not whimper or even fret during the take-off or landing. These are all qualities which speak of a very good girl in the making. 

As for the details of the daughter, we do not know her name as well as who her biological father is. The only thing that has been confirmed so far is that she is Campbell’s biological daughter. And oh, Naomi Campbell daughter, vogue, like to wear Versace. Apart from that, we hear both the mother and the daughter are doing quite well in life.



1. What is Naomi Campbell Daughter name?

Naomi Campbell has not yet revealed her daughter’s name. 

2. Is Naomi Campbell daughter adopted?

No Naomi Campbell daughter is her own biological daughter. 

3. Did Naomi Campbell ever marry?

No she has never married. 

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