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Melanie Olmstead 👪 Why the Yellow Stone Cast And Crew Pay Tributes

Melanie Olmstead

Through OTT platforms, viewers get to watch spectacular series from the comfort of their homes. The effort behind each of such interesting stories on OTT is huge. The actors and directors are some visible members of the crew who the public gets to know. Still, there is lots of hardworking staff behind each film production who work in the unknown. 

Only in the credits section do the names of these crew members appear for a brief moment. It takes all these great team members to put up an exceptional show for the audience. One such series that is stealing the hearts of viewers is ‘Yellowstone’. On the verge of their new season release the team is paying tributes to Melanie Olmstead. 

You may wonder who Melanie Olmstead is. She is a hardworking member and a transporter for the production team. This crew member recently passed away and the Yellowstone team took the initiative to pay her tributes. Let us see who is Melanie and more about her death. 

Personal details about Melanie Olmstead 

Born in 1968 Melanie Olmstead is from Salt Lake Utah. She is the adopted daughter of ‘Reid Howard and Janet Corbridge. Apparently, her father is a military official who adopts Melanie at a young age. After the death of her mother Howard, her adopted father remarried. 

Further, Melanie Howard worked as a transport assistant for several film productions. In 2000, she worked in the transportation department for the film “Primary suspect”. After working in this film behind the scenes she did get various opportunities to work as a transport driver in other productions. The crew members of Yellow stone adore Melanie for her work. Also, Melanie Olmstead revealed that she is a huge fan of the Yellowstone series. 

Interests and hobbies of Melanie Olmstead 

Melanie Olmstead is not seen onscreen as she works behind the screen. She does not have a great fan following but the cast of Yellowstone did a beautiful gesture by paying tribute. Before her demise, Melanie had a Facebook page where she posted pictures of her pet horse. 

Further, she is very fond of her horse whose name is Mahogany. Once she shares a post on how her love affair with horses started. Melanie had a horse since she started walking. When she was an adult her parents thought to gift her very own horse. Her horse is 37 years old which is 100 years in human age. Sadly, few months after the death of Melanie, her beloved horse also passed away. 

The death of Yellowstone series crew member and tributes 

There are not many details revealed about Melanie Olmstead’s death. Many saw Melanie’s name on Yellowstone’s title page as they pay tributes to her. Not many know who she is and many have doubts about whether she appears on the show or not. To clear the air the crew members share who Melanie Olmstead is and they pay their condolences for her death. 

The crew members of Melanie say that they are lucky enough to know her as a person. Also, Melanie has a partner and she is going through a tough time. Annalise ford the partner of Melanie is extremely sad to lose her loved one. 

However, the comfort and love of the Yellowstone crew and family make her feel better. Further, the cause of Melanie Olmstead’s death remains unrevealed but people are finally able to know about this dedicated crew member. 


Melanie Olmstead is a late crew member of the popular Yellow stone series. The demise of Melanie is saddening for her partner and crew members. Still, you can know about the dedicated Melanie from the above article.