Do You Know That Chyler Leigh is Back as Lexie Grey?

Lexie Grey

Lexie Grey is a character we all loved from the hit series Grey’s Anatomy. That is until we saw her die in a tragic plane crash at the end of season eight along with her partner Mark Sloan. Now we all know that the blood-soaked show has always had a habit of resurrecting dead characters, but now things are getting really fast-paced once again. Meredith is under sedation as she fights COVID and the beach looks rather packed for the next season of events. And now, we hear that Lexie is coming back. 

A Comeback

In a new promo for the series set to one of the most iconic songs from Grey’s Anatomy, Anna Nalick’s 2 AM (Breathe), fans finally will get to see the guest they have been long waiting for. Lexie with long locks giggles like a little girl as he hands a beach towel to her half-sister. As the Grey siblings sit side by side on the beach and stare out at the shimmering water, Meredith remarks that she liked it there. This prompts Lexie to ask her the haunting question:- “Are you gonna stay?” Looks and sounds creepy, if you ask me. 

Furthermore, this is not the first time Lexie has made a rather postmodern appearance in the series. In one of the season 15 episodes, we got to see her as a ghost or an apparition. Lexie is one of her iconic roles for sure, but Leigh did not sit idle for all the years she was officially dead in the canon. The actress also played Alex Danvers on the hit show Supergirl. Moreover, she appears in several other superheroes shows on CW since the year 2015. Leigh’s acting skills have been praised by fans and critics all over the world.

A Comeback 

Busy Year for Leigh

In other news, Chyler Leigh also showed off her singing skills in this week’s episode of the Hallmark show, The Way Home. In an exclusive sneak peek, we find her lending her sweet vocals to the Alanis Morisette number “You Learn” in a karaoke scene. According to Leigh, this was a really emotional moment for her character Kat but even more so for her. It was the first time she heard her voice through speakers and the moment humbled her like nothing else. Leigh also says she hopes Alanis is proud of her and invites her to sing again. 

Busy Year for Leigh
Credit: Cheat sheet

Leigh has ample experience in music since she sang several times in the earlier seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. But even so, belting out Morisette’s 1990s classic was no child’s play and she had to practice a lot before the actual event. Moreover, she said that there were not a lot of people to guide her through the singing process except the mixers. So a lot of it was simply singing to the wind and hoping it hit the target. Everybody thinks Leigh has done a tremendous job of rendering the classic in her own voice. One can only hope more is on the way. 

Chyler Leigh has been a constant fixture in TV serials since the mid-1990s. I don’t know if you noticed her or not, but she plays a mohawk-sporting, piercing-laden caricature of punks from the hippie-era America in That 80s Show. Even her name was punk-like:- June Tuesday. Hard to believe this is the same demure girl playing Lexie Grey and Alex Danvers today. But time, well, smooths over the roughest rock. 


1. Where can we watch the Lexie Grey death scene?

You can watch it in Season 8, Episode 24 of Grey’s Anatomy. 

2. Who is Lexie Grey actress?

Lexie Grey is portrayed by Chyler Leigh. 

3. Does Lexie Grey die?

Yes she dies in the plane crash but appears to have come back somehow. 

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