Labia Cleavage: Everything To Know About This Trend

Labia Cleavage

Labia Cleavage has become a very popular trend these days in fashionwear. Yes, we have heard about cleavage-exposing dresses, but this new trend has become quite a statement. So, people also call this Vaginal cleavage and it’s similar to breast cleavage. In other words, it’s like wearing a swimsuit or bikini. Several models and celebrities have tried this latest fashionwear in various events. 

In fact, we should mention that it is one of the sexiest and hottest fashion trends of the last year 2022. Now, it’s no longer for models, but people all over the world are trying this type of dress and posting pictures on their social media pages. 

So, it’s a type of fashion, where women wear long gowns, skirts, and knicker dresses, with long cuts without undergarments. By doing this, they show their sensual bodies, leaving a tiny bit to the imagination as well. 

If you want to know more about the new L-Cleavage, then you are at the right place. Here we will tell you everything about this fashionwear.

An Overview Of Labia Cleavage: The Origin

The Origin
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Well, it’s hard to tell the history or the origin story of this trend. However, according to the netizen, it began in the late 2017s when a few fashion bloggers and celebrities shared pictures of them wearing skin-tight gowns and dresses with no undergarments. Quite naturally, people made those pictures viral on social media. Since then, that fashion sense evolved and now we have the Labia-Cleavage. Of course, you need the confidence to pull this style off. There are lots of ways to experiment with this trend as well. 

So, it’s worth noting that there are two ways to pull off this look. First, you need to wear long gowns and also, dresses with high cuts. Apart from that, you can also wear tight swimsuits with proper cutaway designs. The whole point of this style is to show the ‘cleavage’ of your vagina. 

The world of the internet and social media revolves around trends these days. Every day we see new trends coming up and people follow them. So, at first, models, celebrities, and social media influencers tried this fashion trend. Later on, regular users also tried this style and posted it on their social media pages. One thing is for sure- this fashion trend is here to stay. 

If you are active on Instagram, then you will notice that lots of influencers try this design. Everyone’s flaunting their cleavage of labia, from models to influencers. Needless to say, it was one of the most popular fashion trends of the year 2022. Even in 2023, we are still seeing this trend being followed by everyone. 

A Look Into The Superstars Who Pulled Off This Trend

A Look Into The Superstars Who Pulled Off This Trend

Labia Cleavage is a fascinatingly new concept that lots of people have tried already. From runaway models to Instagram stars to celebrities, lots of famous people have followed this trend. While some choose swimwears that focus on their cleavage, others are now showing the cleavage of the labia or vagina. 

For example, Bella Hadid at Cannes Film Festival 2022 wore a bright and beautiful red gown as part of this trend. It seemed that she didn’t wear any undergarments. However, she perhaps wore tights underneath the gown. 

Moreover, Ciara, the singer, songwriter, and model from the US wore a stunning dress as part of this trend in 2020. She wore a gorgeous dress to promote this trend. In addition, we should also mention Kim Kardashian, the famous socialite, and celebrity who followed this trend as well. As we know, she is the owner of several enterprises. The fashion sense she has is strikingly similar to the one that we are discussing. 

During the Venice Film Festival, Giulia Saleni and Dayane Mello also followed this trend beautifully. In fact, they absolutely nailed the whole description of the labia-cleavage fashion. For example, they wore eye-catching orange dresses with a V cut, revealing her down-cleavage. 


Just like any other fashion trend, this one has too become quite popular. While not many may try this look, we cannot ignore it, or say that it’s bad. In fact, it’s a sexy and bold trend that’s making a huge uproar on social media.

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