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Know The Truth Behind ‘Minnie Driver Plastic Surgery’ Rumour

Minnie Driver Plastic Surgery

Many believe that Minnie driver plastic surgery is a reason for her setback in Hollywood. She had many opportunities in Hollywood which she simply denied. From having a huge rise in Hollywood to choosing a less sensational life Minnie driver has seen it all. She is the 90s fame and people adore her for her onscreen performance. 

She did several exceptional movies in Hollywood. Also, as a rising star, she got opportunities on top magazine covers and more. Her decision to stay away from movies was quite surprising for many of her fans. Further, her famous movies are ‘Circle of Friends, ‘The Phantom of the Opera, ‘Goodwill Hunting’ and more. 

She played with top actors in various films. Further, she always pulled-off the best performance in her movie. Many believe that Minnie driver plastic surgery is the reason for it. Now let us know what made the star stay away from the limelight. 

Minnie Driver Plastic Surgery

Minnie Driver ‘Does not have an Appetite for Hollywood’ movies 

Breakthrough role of Minnie Driver is in the ‘Circle of Friends’ film. She is popular for her appearance in a movie that got Oscar nominations. Also, she was working in several other huge movies at that time. She is also famous for films such as ‘Tarzan’, ‘Jurassic park’, ‘The deep’ and more. Not only did she establish herself in movies but Television shows too.

 She is famous for her dark comedy classics in Xf. Even after doing exceptional work in her acting career Minnie driver says that she does not have a great appetite for it. She also says about having a love-hate relationship with acting. There are several moments when the directors expected her to do things she did not agree with. 

For Instance, filmmakers told Minnie to look shorter than her male co-stars. These are some early red flags she saw in the entertainment industry. Plus, she says how few directors did not want to cast her for saying she is not ‘Hot’ enough. These are a few incidents that made her feel ‘Not Fit Enough’ for Hollywood. 

Minnie Driver Plastic Surgery

Minnie Driver has no fear to speak about her thoughts 

Driver never fears to openly talk about how she feels about Hollywood. In an interview, she says that there is unfairness in the entertainment business that she cannot tolerate. Also, she does not want to waste her time by getting frustrated about these things. 

Many actors in Hollywood dream to act in Oscar-winning movies. This dream became true for Minnie driver when she was nominated for “Good Will Hunting”. However, the celebrity does not wanted to achieve more in Hollywood. She has spoken openly many issues on social media. 

Also, she boldly showed her support for ‘Me Too’ movement. She shares how she was abused at the age of 17. She strongly replies to Matt Damon who was against Me Too. Minnie driver also speaks about her Plastic surgery rumours let us see more about what she says about this matter. 

Minnie Driver opens up about her plastic surgery rumour 

The Tarzan actress who is now 52 years is ageing like a fine wine. There are many rumours about Minnie driver plastic surgery. In a previous interview, the British actress says that she is happy to stay away from tons of plastic surgery. As she is ageing people think that she looks a bit different. Many even believe that she has done a nose job and other surgeries on her face. 

Further, Minnie driver staying away from the spotlight is sparking rumours that it is because of her plastic surgery. People think that her plastic surgery has ‘gone bad’ and that is the reason that she is avoiding films. However, Minnie Driver does not take these accusations seriously. The actress says that she has not gone under the knife. 

The secret behind Minnie Driver’s makeover 

Minnie Driver is spotted in many places by the media. Many wonder why she is looking a bit different lately. However, the secret behind the ‘Goodwill Hunting’ stars makeover is not plastic surgery. To prove this fact a plastic surgeon speaks about her looks. Mathew Schulman is a popular plastic surgeon who has helped many actors to restructure their faces. 

Minnie Driver
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – AUGUST 02: Minnie Driver attends the “Modern Love” Season 2 Premiere at Grand Banks on August 02, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)


He says Minnie Driver has not gone under the knife. Further, adds that her healthy lifestyle and her exceptional routine is the reason for her glow. He adds that Minnie Driver looks great, not because of surgery but due to ageing. As she is round-faced ageing makes her look more beautiful. He concludes that genetics, good skincare and a bit of Botox are the reason for her beauty but nothing more. 


Minnie driver plastic surgery is a mystery that many are curious to know about. If you think that her set back in Hollywood is plastic surgery know the real truth behind it from the above article. 

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