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Jlo Nudes Are Spicing Up The Internet: Have You Noticed?

Jlo Nudes

Jlo nudes are simply on another level of awesome. Sometimes, we wonder if this is indeed her world and if we only live as tenants. The pop diva, actress, stylist and fashionista recently added another feather to her cap. Her new brand of beauty products is called J.Lo Body. Not one for dropping subtle hints all over the place, the actress decided to celebrate it on her 53rd birthday with a photo bomb. Take a guess at what she might have been wearing. Did you guess? No, you’re wrong. She was draped in her favorite garment. That is her skin. 

Skincare Launch

According to Lopez, we all lavish our faces and hair with all the attention in the world but sometimes forget the rest of our bodies. She does not like this preferential treatment. Thus, it is extremely important for her to maintain a skincare routine that will allow her to address her specific needs and wants. And we ask, what could be more important than the booty? Hence the serpentine pose and the flaunting of the booty on camera.

I think it is impossible for someone to have the level of oomph Lopez effortlessly puts into all her poses and styles. She had previously teased that the summer of booty was on its way and that fans would be treated to some jaw-dropping images. If this is just the beginning, we are not complaining. Bring it on, goddess. 

The first product from J.Lo Body that we got to see at launch is the Targeted Booty Balm, a cream that promises to make the skin firmer than you would have imagined. It also promises to make stretch marks fade and eventually go away forever. What’s more, you can get it for just $65, and we think it is a deal.

Moreover, you can also browse some other products on offer, like the That Hit Single Gel Cream Cleanser and That JLo Glow Serum. Just head over to the official online store and check the catalogue to your heart’s desire. I am sure you can find something that will suit your needs to the fullest. 

Skincare Launch
Credit: the Irish sun

Honeymoon in Paris

Apart from celebrating the launch of her skincare line, Lopez is also not taking a day off from her professional career as well. She is also enjoying her marriage to Hollywood celebrity Ben Affleck with a dream honeymoon in the world’s romantic capital, Paris. The couple wed in a secret ceremony on July 16 at the Little White Chapel.

Paparazzi caught them walking the avenues and frequenting the cafes of Paris, holding hands, kissing, canoodling, and just being right angelic. We think they just look incredible together, and we definitely want more of that. 

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most successful pop icons in the world. Her image as an imperious personality with a dream figure girls all over the country desire is further cladded up by the dazzling outfits she dons. People often criticize her as overexposed as Lopez appears everywhere you can find her.

Fashion magazines, red carpet events with almost anything at the centre. We think you can even find Jennifer Lopez in your dreams if you try hard enough. However, the celebrity has more than earned her place as one of the most talked about personalities of our time. You go, girl. 


1. Does Jennifer Lopez have a biological child?

Yes Jennifer Lopez has biological twins. 

2. How many times has Jennifer Lopez married?

Jennifer Lopez has tied the knot 4 times. 

3. Who is Jennifer Lopez’s husband now?

Jennifer Lopez is married to Ben Affleck now. 

4. Where can we find JLo nudes leaked?

You can find some hot pics on the internet. 

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