What Do You Know About Isabella Chambers, Daughter Of Justin Chambers?

Isabella Chambers

Isabella Chambers is the  loving daughter of Justin Chambers. Firstly, he is the actor in Grey’s anatomy.  Secondly, his wife is the beautiful Keisha Chambers.

In this topic we will talk about Isabella Chambers and her family. Besides, we will discuss her life facts. To know more about the life and family of Isabella, you can read the article.

Her family

Justin Chambers Isabella Chambers are from the same family. Firstly, she was born as the first child in the family. Secondly, her parents are Justin and Keisha. Thirdly, her birthday was on December 16th, 1994. Fourthly, her grandmother is Pamela Sue and grandfather is John William Eugene Chambers II.

Fifthly, we will share little information about the love story of Justin and Keisha. Isabella’s parents. Did you know how they first met? Justin and Keisha first met at the time when her mother was working as a booker at a modeling agency. Besides,  her father was a model. Lastly, they met and fell in love. They started dating and they were married in 1993.

Her family

Did you see the interview of Justin Chambers back in 2007? If you haven’t, we suggest you see it. He talked about how happy he was with his wife during the promotion of Good Housekeeping.

“We’ve been together for so long that I really don’t know any other way to be. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but I’m glad I get to go through the ups and downs with her. I just feel really fortunate to have found someone who will be my partner on this journey.”

They had twins later!

Justin Chambers kids  are his world. However, he did not plan on having so many kids. Infact, the family grew in size when Keisha had twins.

Isabella Chambers siblings are very dear to him. Firstly, she has three sisters and one brother. The brother is Jackson Chambers and the sisters are Kaila Chambers, Maya Chambers, and Eva Chambers. Furthermore, the twins born are Maya and Kaila. Their birthday is on June 4th, 1997.

Lastly, Eva Chambers’ birthday is on March 31st, 1999.  At the end Jackson’s birthday was on January 2nd, 2002.

Eva Chambers

By now you know all of Justin Chambers children. Eva Chambers is a bassist. Firstly, she is an active member in the ladies’ band Pinky Pinky. Furthermore, the band has released only one EP so far. Meanwhile if you are interested about the EP, let us tell you about its songs. They are My Friend Sean, All The Birds, and Lady Dancer.

 Anastasia Sanchez and guitarist, Isabelle Fields are the vocalist, drummer and other members.

Kaila Chambers
Credit: closer weekly

Kaila Chambers

Another daughter of Justin Kaila Chambers  is also very interested in the music industry. However, till date she only records videos in Vimeo. We hope to see her doing something great with music one day.

Isabella’s Father Justin Chambers

Moving on to Justin Chambers, Isabella’s father. Firstly, the man needs no introduction. Because he is a multi-millionaire whose net worth is $18 million till date. Interesting fact here, there is an estimate for celebrity earnings in a year. Justin makes around 9 million dollars every year. 

Since Justin is both an actor and a model,it’s not surprising that he is super rich. Since the year 1995, Justin has made his way into the acting world. Besides, recently we have all binged Grey’s anatomy in ABC television Therefore we know what a terrific performer he is. The role he played as Dr Karev is outstanding. 

Lastly, we will end the topic with some of the best works of Justin Chambers. They are The Zodiac, The offer, Love on the land, Cold case and others.


We hope that we could give you a detailed life fact about Isabella Chambers, daughter of Justin Chambers. 

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