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Best Finger Waves Hair Styles: Some Top Picks

Finger Waves Hair Styles

The fashion world has shown us many interesting hairstyles and the finger waves style is such an instance here. In fact, internet searches about this hairstyle have gone up in recent times. Well, that is only expected when you are dealing with a classy and chick hairstyle. This style never disappoints you in carving out the best version of yourself. In fact, there are various celebrities who have flouted this style of doing their hair and those pictures have inspired many to go for this style.

However, let me inform you that these flawlessly sculpted waves have been there for a long time as part of African hairstyle and you can trace their presence as early as the ’40s and early ’50s. These hairstyles are highly versatile and can be fashioned by anyone. There are many patterns in which you can use this style and in some cases, they might seem difficult to execute. Therefore, if you wish to know about some of the best ideas in this regard, then this article is the perfect stop for you.

The List 

Here goes a list of some of the best-looking finger wave styles for you to try out. However, no particular order of arrangement has been followed to form the list.

1. Black Hair Pixie Finger Waves

The hair which shines is always the most attractive one. In fact, this uber-glossy style is the best one to show off your pixie look. To make the finger waves flat against your head, use hair gel. This is indeed one of the most amazing hairstyles that you will come across in recent times. 

2. Marcel Finger Wave Chignon

If you are looking for the best finger waves for long hair, then this will a very nice option for you. Use a marcel curling iron to carve out this attractive hairstyle. Apply finger waves on the frontal part of your hair. Then tuck them into a chignon at the back. If you wish to look for a stunning wedding hairstyle that is also very popular, then this should be your go-to style. 

The List 
Credit: latest hairstyles

3. Golden Finger Waves

For the best finger waves short hair style, this is one of the best ones in the market. If you are a fan of golden warm hair, then definitely go for this style. In fact, fingerstyle is the best suited for women with shorter hair. However, there are some really cool long hairstyles that will blow up your mind. 

4. Partial Finger Waves

This is again a short hairstyle that looks great in black colour. This style only calls for adding a few dashed finger waves to your daily short hairstyle. If you wish to give a faux undercut feel to your hair, then nothing will be as effective as this style. So, this sleek and sharp hair has won hearts from around the globe and is definitely one of the highly popular choices in recent times.

Baby Finger Waves
Credit: Lifeabout

5. Baby Finger Waves

Baby hair is often the most difficult one to style. However, with finger waves, you need not worry about that any more. The things which you need to have for this style are some oil and a comb. In addition, you can also make proper use of a toothbrush to carve this style of doing your hair. 

6. Embellished Soft Finger Waves

Are you a fan of retro hairstyles? Then this is the perfect option for you. Apply gem-topped bobby pins or stick-on gems to finish this iconic retro hairstyle. 


1. Is it very difficult to do finger waves hairstyles?

Some of these styles are not at all difficult. However, there are some which might be a bit difficult.

2. What are some of the best finger styles?

Read the article to know about some of the best options.

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