Why Face Sitting Is A Better Position For Pleasurable And Empowering Oral Sex?

Face Sitting

There are many sec trends that have gained popularity these days and face sitting is just one of them. But within a short span, it has gained immense recognition. Hence the different aspects of this trend should be evaluated with due diligence. That will be our precise goal in this article.

Wondering what face sitting POV is all about? We have got you covered and will explore that here.

What exactly is Face Sitting?

Well, in simple terms, face sitting is a position for oral sex. Hence people interested in this can go on to try it. Traditionally we find women receiving oral sex by laying back. It is pleasurable, no doubt about that, but are you willing to try something more? Something more exciting perhaps? Or even something more inherently pleasurable? Then face sitting is your answer.

If you cannot visualize it, then we recommend you watch some sit on face porn. Thus you will then gain a clear idea of what we are talking about.

The matter is simple in this case. The woman sits on the mouth of her partner while they provide oral sex at large. It is a pretty empowering position as well. Thus you might get some positive kinks out of it.

What exactly is face sitting?
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Why is it Needed?

Often sex lives are boring among couples. It is imperative to spice things up once in a while. That we can ensure with face sitting. Thus you should try this soon. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed. The thrill of exploration should be kept awake in a relationship. It is a key to healthy growth in the long run.

To initiate, you can start out by checking BBW face sit videos at large. It will provide you with a clear idea to proceed in the long run. 


One of the most common concerns among couples is face sitting fart. Anyone can face this happening. It is embarrassing, sure, but might bring you closer as a couple. You will share a deep bond through this. It can bring you intimacy in other forms. 

What did an expert say?

According to Laurie Mintz, the author of “Becoming Cliterate”,

“It gives your partner full access to what is the most erogenous zone and most essential area to be stimulated for orgasm to occur: your external vulva, including your clitoris. any find this a totally empowering position, since the focus is all, 100 percent on your pleasure.”

Things to know about face sitting
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Things to know about face sitting

  1. You need to be open to your partner about this and ask whether they would love to give this experience to you.
  2. You have to figure out your position properly. Sit on your knees for the best results.
  3. However, you must support yourself properly for ensuring balance during the act.
  4. After that, you will have the complete autonomy of regulating pleasure here.
  5.  Experiment with different positions.
  6. Lastly, you should ensure a proper channel of communication for unforeseen circumstances.


1. How to sit on a face?

Try balancing your thighs and body on your partner’s face.

2. How to sit on the face?

You can easily do so with the proper balance of thighs and body on your partner’s face.

3. How to sit on someone’s face?

Sitting on someone’s face is possible with a proper balance of thighs and body.

4. What is face sitting?

It is a type of oral sex where the woman receives it on top of her partner’s face.

5. How to sit on a guy’s face?

One can do so by balancing their thighs and body.

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