Everything You Need To Know About The Newly Invented Cargo Robot

The company behind Vespa has built a cargo robot that stalks you around. Gita, the cargo robot from the makers of Vespa, follows you around with your belongings. Thus, it resembles a little robot butler.

Piaggio Fast Forward, supported by the company that launched the Vespa, is ushering in its first consumer product: the Gita. The little spherical robot is devised to trail us on the go. It can carry up to 40 pounds of our stuff. Thus, we can use it to carry our groceries, gym equipment, or kids’ and pet toys. Hence, we can spend more time walking with free hands.

Gita in the headlines

We all know Gita made headlines in 2017 when it first launched. The company has added some new features since then. Also, it has eliminated a few other features. Gita is not autonomous anymore. It can only follow someone in front of it via visual sensors.

The factor of Speed

The earlier top speed of 22 miles per hour has dropped to just 6 miles per hour. Thus, it can only follow us around instead of being able to navigate environments on its own.

More about this cargo robot

In fact, Gita does not record photos or videos. Also, it cannot identify whom it is following. This is a decision PFF has made. Thus, the issue of privacy is ensured.

How does Gita work?

It only works best on hard surfaces. Examples include sidewalks and paths. Therefore, Gita cannot follow us in rough terrains, like sand, snow, or mud. Also, it cannot handle stairs. PFF claims it can go up and down slopes at a 16 per cent incline. Thus, you need to get your protractors out before taking Gita up for a walk.

Ample facilities

We can take the help of an app that works with the robot. However, it is not required for its basic functionalities. Indeed, we can use the app to lock and unlock the cargo bin lid. We can also use it to check battery levels and play audio through the Gita via BlueTooth. To make our lives even easier, Gita has about four hours of battery life and can recover to a full charge in just two hours. Thus, the usability and accessibility of this little robot make living smooth and easy.

Nobody can steal your Gita easily

Besides the point that it will be a little difficult to use this machine in big cities like New York, our biggest worry tends to be that someone would try to steal the Gita while it is trailing us. However, there is no need to worry. Indeed, Gita weighs 50 pounds. In addition, it can carry up to 40 pounds of belongings. Thus, it would not be an easy task for thieves just to snatch it up and run away with it.

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