Emma Pasarow & Belmont Cameli Are Fan Favorites This Season

Emma Pasarow

Do you know Emma Pasarow? Of course, you do. She plays the role of Auden West in Netflix’s beautiful, coming-of-age romantic film Along for the Ride. First of all, a little preamble. If you were a starry-eyed teenager with ridiculous notions of adulthood in your head, chances are you have heard of Sarah Dessen. Or if you were the bookish type who never could stay away from a good book come day or night. Dessen wrote the bestselling novel on which the film is based and introduced generations of readers to the adorable couple whose story makes up the plot. 

Magical Adolescence 

For almost more than a decade now, we have desired a movie adaptation of Dessen’s books. Save for one in 2003 named How to Deal, starring Mandy Moore; there has really been not much hope in this regard. Until now, when one of her iconic and most-read novels made it to the big screen. You will love Along for the Ride even if you have not read the book. And this is not all; two more adaptations are coming along nicely at Netflix:- This Lullaby and Once and for All. 

To those who do not read much or have not seen the movie yet, here is a bit about what Dessen’s heroines are all about. They are very well-plotted, and you can relate to them as a person. They are all good girls to the point of perfection, responsible and well-mannered.

But at the same time, they also know how to make friends, learn from their mistakes and mend flaws wherever they can. This makes them stand out from the deliberately darkened, moping characters in novels these days. And good gods above, actress Emma Pasarow has done a magnificent job of playing Auden West in Along for the Ride. 

Magical Adolescence 
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Why the Romance Works

She depicts the bittersweet teenage phase with great panache. Like all Dessen’s female protagonists, Auden also explores herself through little steps at first, hesitant to take the plunge. She deals with her personal problems with a brave face on. Furthermore, Auden is an insomniac because her parents quarrel late into the night, and she cannot get sleep because of that.

Emma, as the girl who wishes so desperately to grow out of the mould she inhabits, simply knocks it out of the park. Her acting is on point. The pressure of expectations and desires is keenly written on her determined expressions. Her emotions are in a chaotic whirlwind. As such, her steps into unknown territory also terrify the audience at first. 

Why the Romance Works

So it is quite natural that when she meets Eli, played by Belmont Cameli, sparks fly at once. He has the same problem as she does. So they decide to sneak off together to find pleasure in mini-golf, pie shops tucked away nicely in distant corners and some amount of trespassing. Moreover, Eli brings out the unappreciated child inside Auden and sets her free.

For his part, he finds an intimate connection with a person who is also helping him grow at the same time. They fulfil each other. Furthermore, they grow together, which is the most beautiful part of their relationship. Perhaps it is this very blend of emotions and innocent in a world of edgy, dark teenage drama that has made the couple fan favorites this summer. 


1. Who are Emma Pasarow parents?

Emma’s parents are Ted Pasarow and Susan Pasarow.

2. What is Emma Pasarow age?

Emma Pasarow’s age is 27.

3. What movies has Emma Pasarow been a part of?

She has acted in Along for the Ride, Return to Sender and Kickstart my Heart. 

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