Eddie Stranger Things 🎵 Awesome Facts To Know About Netflix Series

Eddie Stranger Things

The fans of Netflix’s critically acclaimed series Stranger Things absolutely loved the fourth season. So, this new season had a lot of new characters playing their respective roles in this horror-mystery series that takes place in Hawkins, Indiana. So, one such character was Eddie Stranger things. 

Joseph Quinn played the role of Eddie Munson in the fourth season of this web series. Instantly, he became a fan-favorite character. Whether it’s because of his playing the guitar in the upside down, or his plain charm, there were lots of reasons why the fans rooted for this character. 

So, if you want to know more about Stranger Things Eddie, then you are at the right place. In this article, we shall take a look at some of the key facts about Eddie in Stranger Things. For example, here you will find more about the man who played the role of Eddie. In addition, we will also share a bit about Eddie Munson. So, without further ado, it’s time to go through this article and check out some key facts about Eddie here. 

Joseph Quinn, The Man Who Played The Character Eddie

Character Eddie
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If you liked Eddie from Stranger Things, then you should know a few facts about the actor who played the role. According to the reports, it was Joseph Quinn, the actor who previously appeared in Howards End, Catherine the Great, and Dickensian, played the role of Eddie. 

Moreover, if you have watched Game of Thrones, then you should also know that he starred in an episode of Game of Thrones in the year 2017. The 28 years old actor is from the UK. So, we can also say that he is a British actor. 

Things to Know About Eddie Munson From Stranger Things

Eddie Munson From Stranger Things
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If you want to know about Eddie Munson stranger things, then let’s take a look. So, we should note that the Duffer Brothers introduced this character to the fourth season of their show, Stranger Things. 

They have described Eddie as, “an audacious 80s metalhead who runs The Hellfire Club, Hawkins High Official D&D club. Hated by those who don’t understand him- and beloved by those who do.” 

Eddie stranger things is someone who finds himself at the epicenter of the fourth season’s mystery. He loves to play D&D and it’s kind of like a religion to him. From the season’s perspective, he becomes one of the most lovable and pivotal characters. He has his own vision of life and his own motto. 

Moreover, fans absolutely loved his character progression as well. In fact, he was like a big brother to the main characters, especially to Dustin. The Eddie Funko pop stranger things scene is one of the favorite moments of the entire season as well. 


  • How old is Eddie from Stranger Things?

In one of the episodes of the 4th Season of Stranger Things, someone mentioned that he was supposed to graduate high school in the year 1984. So, it seems that he is around 20-21 years old in the series. 

  • Who is Eddie in Stranger Things?

Eddie is the new character in Stranger Things’ fourth season. He is shown in the series as a senior to the primary characters, including Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. Moreover, it’s worth noting that he is the founder of the D&D club, The Hellfire club. In addition, he plays an integral role in the series. 

  • Who played Eddie in Stranger Things?

Joseph Quinn, the British actor played the role of Eddie in the fourth season of Stranger Things. 

  • How Old Is Eddie in Stranger Things?

As we mentioned earlier, Eddie is around in his 20s in the series. 

  • How Old Is Eddie Munson In Stranger Things?

Eddie Munson, the character from the fourth season of Stranger Things is around 20-21 years old. 

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