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What Can We Expect From The New Dr Pepper Dark Berry? Know About Its Complicated Story

Dr Pepper Dark Berry

Dr Pepper released the flavor, known as the Dr Pepper Dark Berry, on May 1. It is a limited edition drink that is only available for people with the name Barry. Seems complicated, right? The flavor of this new soda is quite different than the others. 

Dr Pepper shared the news about the new drink on its social media page. They revealed that they are offering the Dr Pepper Dark Berry to the people named Barry, so the others have to wait for their turn. The company launched the limited edition Dark Berry flavor for the first time during their collaboration with Spider-Man: Far From Home film in 2019. The company brought it back the second time in May 2022 but for only a particular set of people. 

Dr Pepper

Are you interested to know about the famous Dark Berry flavor? Continue reading to get the juicy details. 

A brief history of Dr Pepper 

Dr Pepper soft drinks are popular because of their distinguished taste. The first original Dr Pepper drink was invented by its creator, pharmacist Charles Alderton in Waco, Texas, in the 1880s. It was widely marketed in the USA in 1904 and is now sold in many places around the globe. Over time they introduced lots of amazing flavors that became huge hits.

The formula for Dr Pepper sodas is a trade secret and is kept in safe deposit boxes by the company. Over the years, some of the flavor variations of the sodas are Dr Pepper Red Fusion, Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla, Dr Pepper Berries and Cream, Dr Pepper Cherry, and more. 

What is Dr Pepper Dark Berry? 

Dr Pepper Dark Berry has the taste of different flavored classic drinks like black cherry, black currant, and blackberry. But the Dark Berry range also features the OG Dr Pepper flavors that are very popular. It has the classic taste that the company is renowned for. 

The soft drinks company released the limited edition Dark Berry for the second time in May 2022 to promote the film Jurassic World Dominion. The brand gave away five hundred cans of the Dark Berry flavor on social media for the people named Barry. Barry Manilow American singer-songwriter, the most famous of Barry’s, tweeted about this. After that, the announcement about Dark Berry flavour became viral. 

But the other fans of Dark Berry will also get the drinks soon because it will be available in the retail and online stores. 

What does the Dark Berry taste like? 

Many people who sipped the Dark Berry flavor described its amazing taste. One person said the soda tasted like Dr Pepper’s blue ice pops but had more sweetness. Another fan shared that the soda tasted more like black licorice with a bit of the generic berry flavor. 

So if you love Dr Pepper’s berry-flavored blue ice pops, then you will also love the Dr Pepper Dark Berry. It is made specifically to make your taste buds go crazy. 

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What is the cost of Dr Pepper Dark Berry? 

The Dark Berry soda 12-pack cans will be available for the retail price of $5.29. The individual 20-ounce bottles will be $1.99 each.

Dr Pepper is the only brand to release a soda with flavors that puts more emphasis on fruits. Other popular soda brands are following the footsteps of Dr. Pepper to create fruit-flavoured sodas. So it is a revolution in the soda industry indeed. 

End thoughts 

If you are a Dr Pepper Dark Berry fan, you will be eager to taste it again. It will be available in the stores soon. But until then, enjoy the other fine flavors from the company. 

Dr Pepper – Bigger Than You Know – YouTube

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