How To Download Music To Your Phone: Ultimate Guide

No matter if you’re an avid music enthusiast or just want to enjoy a music while driving for work Spotify provides an incredible selection of music to you. The good news is that Spotify also gives you the opportunity to download your favourite music to your mobile to listen offline while in the middle of a journey. However, you’ll require the Spotify Premium subscription for downloading music. This isn’t a concern as we’ll show you how you can stream music on Spotify to an Android Phone without Premium.

Part 1. How to download music from Spotify to Android

If you are a member of a premium account you are able to download your most loved tracks albums, playlists, and podcasts to the Android smartphone directly. This means you can listen to them with no internet connection. You are able to download not over 10,000 tracks to your device and you have to go online at least every 30 days to ensure that you have your podcasts and music downloaded.

1.)Launch the Spotify app on your Android phone and sign into your Spotify Premium account.

2.)Tap on Your Library located in the lower right edge of your screen and then choose the album, playlist, or podcast you’d like to download.

3.)Now tap Download to download an album or playlist onto Your Android phone. An arrow of green indicates that the download succeeded.

Part 2. How to download Music on Spotify into MP3 Android

In the past, if you’ve never used previously had a Spotify Premium membership to stream Spotify music to the Android device, you’re not enough. This is a fresh method that lets you download your most loved songs onto your Android phone to enjoy offline in the absence of an internet connection.

To begin streaming music on Spotify to Android without premium it is recommended to use the third-party program known as Spotify music downloader. It’s an application for downloading music to save songs to devices downloaded from Spotify. We recommend Tunelf Spotibeat Converter A remarkably powerful music downloader and converter that is suitable for Spotify users.

Key Features of Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter

  • Get Spotify downloads Spotify tracks, playlists and albums using free accounts. It’s easy to sign up for Spotify accounts.
  • Convert Spotify music to WAV, MP3, FLAC, and other audio formats
  • Maintain Spotify music tracks in top quality with high-quality audio lossless and ID3 tags.
  • Eliminate ads and DRM protection from Spotify music at 5x speed increase

First Step Include Spotify’s playlists into Tunelf software.

Start by opening Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter on your PC. Spotify will load immediately. Browse to the album or playlist you’d like to download on Spotify. Drag the songs or albums from Spotify into your converter’s interface. It is also possible to right-click on the playlist or album and select Copy Spotify URI then copy it into the search box of the converter.

Step 2. Configure the audio output parameters

After the playlist or album is loaded into the converter, you’ll have the option to modify the audio parameters of the Spotify music. Go to the menu then select the Preferences tab and you’ll be redirected to a page. On the Convert tab, you’ll have the option to select the audio format to be output and there are six formats for audio which include MP3, AAC, FLAC M4A, WAV and M4B to select from. You can also adjust bits, sampling rates and channel.

Step 3. Begin to download Spotify playlist to MP3.

Then, click then the Convert button located in the lower right-hand area of the interface, after which the program will begin to download songs from Spotify. It takes about a few minutes for it to complete the download and convert. Once the conversion process is completed then you are able to search for all converted Spotify songs that are in the list of conversions using the icon Converted.

Step 4Transfer Spotify Songs to Android Phones

You can now transfer all transferred Spotify music to your Android phone. Connect to connect your Android device to your PC using the USB cable, and then tap to activate the charging this device using USB alert on your smartphone. Under USB to use selecting File Transfer. A window for file transfer will open. You can transfer Spotify songs from your PC to your phone right now.

Part 3. How to download music on Spotify for Android for free

While certain types of apps are inclined to get music downloaded from Spotify on Android at no cost by using a no-cost Spotify track downloader for Android is an alternative option. If you’re looking for free Spotify songs downloaders for Android it is worth looking at three options in case you don’t need high quality audio. This article will show you how for downloading Spotify music for Android.

#1. Fildo

It’s a sleek MP3 music downloader that is suitable for Android users It allows you to play your favourite songs on the internet and then download them as MP3 to devices. Android devices. After that, you can play the songs if you go towards an area with no Wi-Fi. It is possible to save Spotify songs as MP3 files on you Android phone.

1.)Install Fildo on your Android devices via the official site, and begin to use it.

2.)Scroll down the list until you see the More tab. Tap to open it in your mobile.

3.)Then select the Import Spotify option. Then sign into Spotify. Spotify account.

4.)Now start to sync your Spotify track with Fildo and begin the process of converting Spotify tracks to MP3.

#2. Telegram

Offering a wide range of unique capabilities, Telegram could not only be used as an instant video and messaging program but also serve as a music downloader to Spotify users. It also offers an Telegram Spotify bot that enables everyone Spotify subscribers to download songs via Spotify for free on Android phones at no cost.

1.)Launch Spotify on your Android phone and copy the URL to the music you prefer.

2.)Then open Telegram and look for Spotify song downloader in Telegram.

3.)Next select the Telegram Spotify bot from the search results and select on the start tab.

4.)Paste the copied link into the chat bar, then click the button to send music.

5.)Now press the Download tab to save Spotify songs as MP3 files to you Android phone.

#3. iTubeGo for Android

iTuneGo on Android is a totally free music downloader which allows you to download video and audio from a variety of websites. It allows you to download directly Spotify songs on the internet to the Android devices. You can search for your favourite songs on the app to download.

1.)Download iTuneGo for Android from the official site, and then launch the app on your phone.

2.)Then search for songs you’d like to download on the built-in browser in the application.

3.)After opening your required track, click the Download button in the lower right.

4.)Select the Type as Audio option in the settings and hit OK to begin downloading music.


The best choice would be to install Spotify music to your Android smartphone with the Premium subscription of Spotify. If you don’t subscribe to the paid version it is possible to use the Spotify music downloader. Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter could be a great alternative if you prefer to download songs from Spotify using the Spotify Free Account. You could also make use of a free version like Fildo however, the free music downloaders could be able to match the majority of the songs on different online MP3 libraries and not save Spotify music in the highest audio quality.