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Do You Need To Worry About The Ink Sack From A Tattoo?

Ink Sack

Well, this all started when a woman, who calls herself Jade, posted her latest ink design. And, along with that, she also showed something that made the whole world curious. Yes, she had an ink sack due to tattooing which got her 22 million views. So, now you know the level of curiosity people have regarding this. Just keep reading to know more.

First, what’s an ink sack?

Obviously, the term itself may sound weird to a person’s ears if they are not a tattoo fan. In short, they are a normal thing if you get a tattoo. That’s right, ink sacks are something that happens during the healing time after you get the tattoo. And, this occurs due to the special plastic that is covering the new tattoo called the Saniderm. Of course, this has a purpose. For starters, it can stop the scabbing which can occur after tattooing. Next, it makes sure that the ink is in the plasma. Finally, it allows it to be in a liquid state and tattoo to breathe.

In other words, this is something that happens as a natural process. So, there is no need to concern about it. And, its sack-like appearance is due to Saniderm filling up with blood, plasma, and ink. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean you can completely ignore it. Yes, until it heals, proper care is necessary for the tattooed area.

So, what triggered the public’s interest?

The truth is, ink sacks are a common thing in the world of tattoos. So, why did this become a trending topic now? Well, the answer lies with a post of a young tattoo fan. This youngster of 19 years of age, calls herself Jade. In her TikTok account, she posted her design along with a massive ink sack. The fact is, that the ink sack got more attention than the design itself. Yes, it got her more than 22 million views!

In her post, you can see the ink sack above a picture of a skull. Also, you can see Jade shaking and pushing the liquid ball which reveals the green coloured pattern present under it.

What did Jade say about this?

Well, it looks like this young tattoo fan loves to do her own tattoos. Furthermore, she has shared different clips across her body where ink sacks are present. And, she added that this is a normal process present in the tattoo journey. That’s right, she told that is all plasma and nothing to be scared about. Also, for a better healing process, she suggested keeping it wet. And, to show the result of her new tattoo, she posted another snap after full recovery. Of course, there was no trace of her ink sacks.

The overall response of the public

Obviously, if a post got 22 million views, you know how the response of the public will be. For starters, many of them were startled to see this. Still, many tattoo artists claim that this is a normal thing. And, some wanted to know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. In short, many learned about this for the first time in their lives.

Well, that’s all there is about ink sacks. In short, with proper care, you can expect them to go away once the healing gets over.

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