Who Is Darryl Mccauley? Is He Alive A Fraud Case Study?

Darryl Mccauley

You may have heard about many kinds of fraud happening everywhere in the world. The people who get stuck in fraud cases experience lots of media attention. One such person that got involved in a case is Darryl Mccauley. He is the half-brother of Dane Cook. Many also say that Darryl Mccauley has died. So what happened to him? Is he alive or dead? 

Dane Jeffrey Cook is a popular actor and comedian. His brother Darryl Mccauley lived a controversial life. Plus he also worked as his business manager. But later only Cook found out that Mccauley and his wife has embezzled $12 million from him. That is why he filed a case against them in court. You can find out all the details about Darryl Mccauley here. 

Who is Darryl Mccauley?

Darryl Mccauley is the half-brother of the popular comedian and actor Dane Cook. He is fifty-seven years old. He betrayed and cheated his brother by embezzling millions of dollars from him. His brother had lots of trust in him and that is the reason he hired him as his business manager. But his brother and his wife planned and swindled 12 million dollars from him. This led to Dane Cook putting his brother and his wife in jail. 

Darryl Mccauley and his wife Erika got charged with embezzlement and larceny in 2010. They pleaded guilty but they received a sentence of six years in prison and sixteen years in probation. His wife was put in jail for three years with thirteen years of probation. Further, both were also ordered to pay restitution to Cook. 

Is he in jail? 

It seems Darryl Mccauley is still in jail because there is no news about his release. His sixteen years of probation will only end in 2025. So he is still suffering the punishment for his bad decisions and actions. If he gets released some news about him will come out. So we have to wait for updates. 

Did Dane Cook get his money back? 

Dane Cook was defrauded by his half-brother because of whom he lost lots of his hard-earned money. But he is still doing well financially because he has a networth of $35 million. His brother and his wife also have to pay restitution to him for their embezzlement. In 2017 he also married a girl named Kelsey Taylor twenty-six years younger than him. The couple announced their engagement in 2022. 

The couple first met during a game night. Her family also loves Dane Cook and they do not have any objections to them dating. Plus he is already thinking about having kids with her. Kelsey is a Pilates instructor and posts about her workouts online for her fans. She is also a singer and has sung backup vocals for Demi Lovato. Both of the couples love dogs too. So this shows that Dane Cook is living a happy life and has moved on from the money-swindling incident. 

Does Darryl Mccauley have kids? 

Darryl Mccauley life’s is not an open book like his popular brother’s. His name only came into the news because of his money embezzlement schemes. Otherwise, he lived a very private life with his wife Kelsey. There are also no details of them having any kids or not. Other than his half-brother Dane Cook he also has a half-sister Courtney Cook. 

Further Darryl Mccauley and his wife lived a comfortable life with the money they swindled for many years from Dane Cook. But now they are suffering for all their misdeeds. 

End thoughts 

The information about Darryl Mccauley shows us that greed only leads to disaster. He stole the money from his brother to live luxuriously. But instead, he is in jail. 

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